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Delivery percentage and volume analysis

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  3. Saturday, 18 January 2020
Delivery percentage and volume analysi s  is a very important indicator for deciding buying or selling of stock. Delivery based buying or selling decides the seriousness and long term view of the stoc......

Understanding the stock market volume by stories

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  3. Monday, 21 October 2019
Let's say you visited an auction of cars. It is a cold day of winter and the auction room is small in size and it is almost empty with few buyers in the rooms for auction. It is a vintage car and it i......

Relationship between implied volatility and historical volatility

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  3. Friday, 06 September 2019
  Implied volatility and historical volatility are a very important concept to understand options trading.   To understand implied volatility options traders need to understand the key drivers of impl......

Option chain volume analysis

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  3. Friday, 23 August 2019
Ask yourself why exchange doesn't provide you the volume data of options why they try to keep this data secret and nobody talks about it because they know the importance of volume data to analyze the ......

How professional traders trade?

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  3. Friday, 23 August 2019
These are the technique used by professional traders to buy and sell their stocks The buying process of professional traders Buying strength always appear on a downtrend If stock form the hammer candl......

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