Rob Nicoski

Rob Nicoski

Rob joined DGI in 2003. As a portfolio manager, he analyzes and recommends stocks for all three DGI portfolios—small cap, mid cap and balanced. He also manages separately managed accounts for DGI clients.

Prior to joining DGI, Rob spent four years at US Bancorp as a portfolio manager of a small cap mutual fund and separately managed accounts. Before that, he served as an equity analyst of retail and consumer services stocks at Piper Jaffrey for six years. He also served a short stint at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

In identifying stocks for the portfolio, Rob looks first and foremost for companies with a defensible business model that have sustainable competitive advantage in the markets they serve. Ideally, the targeted companies should have a large unexploited market opportunity as well.

“These are the types of companies that not only generate above-average returns on invested capital, but can also compound those returns at a high rate for many years,” he explains. “This powerful combination of growth and sustainable competitive advantage can result in substantial long-term gains for shareholders.”

Corporate culture is also a critical factor in Rob’s search for quality companies. “History has demonstrated that the lifeblood of any organization that has experienced sustained success is its culture.”

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