Scott Link

Scott Link

Scott Link, CFA is a Lead Portfolio Manager at Disciplined Growth Investors (DGI). Scott joined DGI in 1997 a few months after its founding as an equity analyst. He was elevated to portfolio manager in 1999.

Before coming to DGI, Scott worked as an equity analyst and portfolio manager for Advantus Capital Management. Prior to that, he worked for JC Penney for four years in the treasury department and in the corporate finance and benefits investments area.

He specializes in small and mid-cap stocks. He also manages client portfolios. “About 10 to 15 percent of my job is marketing,” he says, “giving presentations to prospective clients, and meeting with clients to keep them up-to-date and share our current investment outlook with them.”

As a portfolio manager, Scott looks for companies that he believes have a sustainable competitive advantage. Once he has identified a company that he believes may be a viable candidate for inclusion in the portfolio, he drills down into their financials and operations. “First I find them,” he explains, “and then I stalk them.”

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