Trader Vic––Methods of a Wall Street Master

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  • The stock market is unpredictable and is guided by a myriad of factors. Trader Vic - Methods of A Wall Street Master is a good source of information for every trader who enters the market with short - term strategies with the aim to succeed and book profits. Written by a successful Wall Street professional, the book can be of help to all sorts of investors, novice or seasoned.

    Offering a wealth of insight on trading, the book employs a methodology to analyse markets using both fundamental and technical analysis. Economics is used as a forecasting tool since economic principles followed by the government will have a direct impact on credit, interest rates and savings, which in turn affect the stock market leading to its varied cycles.

    The first half of the book is devoted to market behavior analysis. The second part of the book explores trader's psychology and to what extent emotional discipline can help you make money. By reading this book, you, as a trader, will see a vast improvement in your performance by imbibing the philosophy of the market, which is driven by the interplay of various economic forces.


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