Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies University Edition (Frontiers in Finance Series)

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    In the global economy of the 1990s, investors move their money quickly and easily around the world in search of the greatest return. As such it′s essential for today′s business graduates to understand the importance of measuring, managing, and maximizing shareholder value. Valuation illustrates how to take advantage of the American tradition of maximizing shareholder value, demonstrates how value–based management contributes to improved strategic thinking, and shows how managers at any level can create value for their companies.

    In addition this book provides:

    • A chapter featuring insights into the strategic advantages of value–based management.
    • Strategies for multibusiness valuation, and valuation for corporate restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.
    • International comparisons of the cost of capital, differences in accounting procedures, and how valuation works in different countries.
    • A detailed case study showing how valuation techniques and principles are applied.

    "The book′s clarity and comprehensive coverage make it one ofthe best practitioners′ guides to valuation."
    Financial Times

    "Should serve very well the professional manager who wants to do some serious thinking about what really does contribute value to his or her firm and why."
    The Journal of Finance

    "Valuation is like a Swiss army knife . . . you will be prepared for just about any contingency."
    Martin H. Dubilier, Chairman of the Board, Clayton & Dubilier, Inc.

    "This book on valuation represents fresh new thinking. The writing is clear and direct, combining the best academic principles with actual experience to arrive at value–increasing solutions."
    J. Fred Weston, cordner Professor of Money and Financial Markets, Graduate School of Management, UCLA

    "A ′how–to′ guide for corporate executives who want to get at the unrealized shareholder values trapped in public companies."
    New York Times


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