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Quality of Earnings

  • By: Thornton L. Oglove
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  • Publisher: Free Press | Publish Date: 1998-10-01
  • No. of Pages: 224 | Language: Not specified
  • Category: Stock Markets | Book ID: 44 | Book Code: 0684863758
  • An indispensable guide to determining how much money a company is really making and for buying and selling stocks without making costly blunders.

    Thornton O’Glove hits at the subject in a traditional way — accrual accounting entries are always more suspect than cash entries. He focuses on:

    • Being skeptical — don’t trust management, analysts, auditors.
    • Looking for inconsistencies in disclosure. Who tells a happy story broadly, but is serious in regulatory filings?
    • Who plays games with one-time events? What companies push the limits in determining what is a one-time event?
    • How do companies play with their accruals in order to report income?
    • Is taxable income significantly out of whack with GAAP income?

    This book is amongst the “must reads” recommended industry icons including Tom Gardener of the Motley Fool, and on Kuppy’s Book List as one of the top financial accounting books of all time.

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