Economics on Trial: Lies, Myths and Realities

  • By: Mark Skousen
  • 3.5
  • Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing | Publish Date: 1990-08-01
  • No. of Pages: 324 | Language: Not specified
  • Category: Stock Markets | Book ID: 30 | Book Code: 1556233728
  • As the concern continues to dominate headlines, businesspeople scramble to understand how traditional economic theory fits into their daily planning and investment strategy. An economist and financial analyst, Mark Skousen puts today's economics on trial and finds it guilty! Based on 20 years of experience in the business and financial worlds, Skousen shows readers what economics is really all about.

    Skousen has supplied a need that he himself felt as an economics student-the need for “a book that would simply but thoroughly dissect the large number of dubious theories and questionable doctrines taught in the classroom.” He takes on about 20 concepts or perspectives of modern economics and devotes a chapter to each, first giving the textbook version of things, then stripping away the rationalistic veneer of official doctrine to expose its logical and factual deficiencies.

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