Grow Rich Slowly: The Merrill Lynch Guide to Retirement Planning

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  • For the first time, the world's largest financial institution (more than 400 offices in the U.S., with over 1.8 million retirement accounts) has put its name on a book. Grow Rich Slowly is the first book to distill the expertise of these retirement financing authorities and tailor it to the specific needs of real readers.

    While people now in their fifties or sixties are grappling with the problem of shrinking employer pension plans, and wondering whether to roll over their pensions assets (two subjects that receive substantial attention in this book), baby boomers are in a different predicament. They may never have been in one job long enough to have acquired any meaningful pension. And they face other unique problems. Having decided to marry and have children later, odds are they'll be putting their kids through college while simultaneously worrying about their aging parents. When you face financial burdens like these, it's hard to think about retirement.

    Grow Rich Slowly can help, by providing information distilled from Merrill Lynch's extensive research into retirement planning and vast knowledge of investment principles.

    In clear, concise examples - whether they are talking about how to invest your retirement money or how to address estate planning - the authors explain how decisions you make today can make your retirement much more pleasant tomorrow.

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