It's When You Sell That Counts

  • By: Donald L Cassidy
  • 3.5
  • Publisher: Vision Books | Publish Date: 2006-10-30
  • No. of Pages: 300 | Language: Not specified
  • More than 40,000 investors cashed in on the strategic sales secrets found in the first edition of this expert stock guide. Now, with the stock market fluctuating, even more readers are eager to identify the most opportune time to liquidate their stock positions and steer their investing decisions safely and profitably through a volatile
    stock market.

    An investor's success depends far more on when they sell a stock than on when they purchase it. And yet, most investors have a tendency to hold on to a stock far longer than is profitable. Brokers, too, have their own hesitations about advising clients to sell. The inescapable conclusion is that investors need help knowing when to cash in whether they are individual investors, stockbrokers, or money managers. It's When You Sell That Counts helps investors identify and overcome their resistance to selling stock and shows them how to earn the maximum profit through strategic selling. It also provides investors with practical advice on how to sell successfully in changing market conditions including a checklist to help investors decide if they should sell or hold in adverse markets.

    It's When You Sell That Counts reveals for the first time:

    • The hidden reasons we resist selling
    • Survival tactics for individuals in the market jungle
    • The ways investors rationalize their inaction
    • The most powerful hold/sell test

    The fabulous book reveals the personal hangups that hamper many investors until they identify and deal with them and important strategies that should be applied to every selling decision.

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