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Don't Stop Your SIP!

One of the major news headlines this month was around SIPs and how flows had finally started getting impacted adversely. Yet again, retail investors started losing calm? Or is it a fear that markets h...
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What's the safest way to buy Bitcoin?

According to the recent market, Bitcoin climbed to more than 11,000 dollars, but did not break through 12,100 dollars, up 1.7% in the 24 hours, up 20.08% in the last 6 months, also because of such dat...
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When To Buy The Best Growth Stocks: How To Analyze A Stock's Cup-With-Handle

Among the eight principal base patterns , including the ascending base, base on base, double bottom, flat base, high tight flag, IPO base, and  saucer; cup with handle remains one of the most successf...
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Using Stock Charts To Win Big

  "What seems too high in price and risky to the majority usually goes higher, and what seems low and cheap usually goes lower." - William J. O'Neil The ‘N’ in the  CAN SLIM  strategy stands for eithe...
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Why You Need an Investment Advisor

To understand the benefits of an investment advisor, we need to know that the fast pace of life in the current times has left people with little time to devote for themselves. Be it for their physical health, mental well being or their financial health. Parallel to this, finance and investment sector is advancing in leaps and bounds with many new avenues of investing being added every year to the complex world of investment and wealth management

In such a scenario, an individual working hard to earn a decent living might not have enough time to spare for the study and research it takes to invest money in the best possible manner or to manage his wealth to avail optimum benefits. Thus, enters a who specialized in guiding people to their financial goals.

There are many different categories of investment advisors and each has a different style of working. There are registered investment advisors who provide you an unbiased option and advice regarding your investments. This can be either for investments in capital markets or for your overall asset allocation for your investments.

5 Reasons to Use an Investment advisor

  1. To Keep Your Investment Plan on Track
  2. To Rebalance Your Investments
  3. To Plan Your Taxes and Save Them
  4. To Plan Distribution of Your Acquired Wealth
  5. For Your Retirement Planning
  1. Investment advisor Helps to Keep Your Investment Plan on Track

Investing money is never really a joyful experience unless it gives sure shot returns on a regular basis. Investments often reduce the amount of money you would have otherwise chosen to spend on luxuries. Hence, the temptation to use that investment capital elsewhere is forever present.

  1. To Rebalance Your Investments

People who do not have a investment advisor tend to invest their money and forget about it. This is a dangerous practice. Each investment needs constant monitoring and rebalancing at regular intervals. A good investment advisor doe this rebalancing for you and keeps a check on whether all investments are yielding results or not.

  1. To Plan Your Taxes and Save Them

Just like nobody likes to invest money, nobody likes to pay taxes either. There are a lot of schemes, offers, plans and investments, where an investor does not need to pay taxes on the capital gains or invested capital. An investment advisor knows about all these avenues and can help you plan your taxes and save them in the best possible manner.

  1. To Plan Distribution of Your Acquired Wealth

This might seem rude but preparing for any exigencies is extremely important and an investment advisor helps you in planning your wealth distribution after your death, in the most efficient way. This is called estate planning and is done using an estate attorney.

  1. For Your Retirement Planning

As people have started being more aware and conscious about their future and ensuring a safe and secure life for themselves always, retirement planning has come up on the top of the list among millennials who wish to enjoy a good lifestyle for themselves post retirement.

Keeping in mind all these points, it is advisable that you get in touch with a investment advisor as soon as you start earning. Starting early on the path of financial planning and investments goes a long way in securing your financial freedom and security and making you achieve your financial goals much sooner.

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How to choose the right Demat account

Start building on your financial assets to become financially independent; these may be everything from shares, mutual funds, bonds, IPOs, debentures, gold etc. For a lengthy time, you must remain inv...
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Key to Finding Great Stocks: How To Use Buyer Demand Rating?

By Marketsmith India “For the best prospects, do a price and volume check of each week within the stock’s base to help you conclude if the stock is showing sound accumulation or too many price and vol...
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Share Market Basics: How to Track Market Weakness in a Confirmed Uptrend ?

We all know the importance of market status in determining an investor’s stance in the CANSLIM system. It not only helps you realize gains by being aggressive when the risk is minimal, but also protec...
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What Is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is the practice of anticipating price changes of a financial instrument {like shares} or the market as a whole by analyzing prior price changes and looking for patterns and relation...
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Chart Pattern: How to Spot a Bullish Base-on-Base?

With the stock market turning volatile this year, many stocks have formed  base-on-base  patterns. Keep an eye out for those, because they tend to be strong chart formations. The base-on-base is, of c...
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Busting the Investing Myth that Penny Stocks Can Lead to Marvellous Riches

MarketSmith India has been highlighting some investing myths that need to be debunked in our webinars and learning articles. These include the idea of buying a stock with its price on the way down so ...
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Partnership firm VS One Person Company: Detailed Analysis

A Partnership firm is an establishment or an institution, which is usually established by two individuals who are known as partners. The firm follows provisions and guidelines mentioned in the Indian ...
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