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Why Life Insurance from a Reputed Brand

India has a huge population of 1.252 billion people. All these people belong to different socio-economic sectors. They have differences in culture, mentality, beliefs and behaviour.  Their problems are different. They have different needs and aspirations. But all their differences merge at one point. All of them want a financially secure life for themselves and their family. 

Since life itself is full of uncertainties, the term “financially secure life” sounds elusive. Financial security comes from proper financial planning at the right time of your life.  When it comes to financial planning, the first thought that comes to our mind is that of a life insurance plan.

There are many misconceptions surrounding the idea of Life insurance. Some people think that a life insurance policy is waste of money. Some people are of the opinion that life insurance plans are not for the middle class. Those who have enough money to waste are the ones who spend on insurance policies out of impulse. Some even think that common people are fooled by insurance companies who tactfully coerce them into buying their products.  But now it is time to come out of darkness and understand the importance of life insurance plans in our lives.

Firstly life insurance is not wastage of money. You may think that, what is the use of a term insurance plan if you do not die before the policy matures. But what you have never realized is the amount of sum assured is going to be huge in case of your unfortunate death during the policy tenure. Your family receives a huge sum of money in return for the nominal amount that you pay as   premiums. It also dismisses the second misconception and proves that Life insurance plans are indeed for the middle class.  Thirdly there is no way that an insurance company can fool you into buying its products. All the companies provide sufficient information about their products on their websites. You must go and check for yourself all the features and benefits as well as the terms and conditions of the products before you decide to buy one.

Presently there are a number of life insurance providers in the Indian insurance market. But it is always better to buy life insurance plans from a brand that is old and popular.  When we think of all the reputed companies in this field, HDFC life tops the list.

HDFC Limited and Standard Life first introduced their joint venture, HDFC Life, in the year 2000. Since then HDFC Life has become one of the leading insurance companies in India.

HDFC life offers different types insurance solutions to cater to the various customer needs. Among all the life insurance plans they offer, the most popular one is HDFC click to protect plus.

HDFC Click to Protect Plus is a traditional term insurance plan that provides life cover of Rs.1Crore at Rs.567 per month. It provides a lump sum assured to your chosen nominee in case of your unfortunate death.

Now let us see why you should buy HDFC Click to Protect plus.

Following are the key features of the plan:

  • It provides comprehensive life cover at low premium rates.
  • You have to be aged between 18 and 65 years to be eligible for this policy.
  • Maturity age of this policy would be 28 to 75 years on your last birthday.
  • Policy term is from 10 to 40 years.
  • Minimum sum assured is Rs. 50lakhs
  • Single, regular and limited- all these premium paying options are available in this plan.
  • You can pay regular premiums on yearly/ half yearly/ quarterly/ monthly basis.
  • This plan gives 4 life cover options:
  • Life Option
  • Income Option
  • Extra Life Option(with accidental death benefit)
  • Income Plus Option

Following are the important benefits of HDFC Click to Protect plus:

  • Death Benefit
  • Maturity Benefit
  • Life Stage Protection
  • Surrender Benefit
  • Tax Benefit

There are many reasons to buy HDFC Click to Protect plus. The above mentioned ones are only a few of them. Besides HDFC Click to Protect plus, the company provides many other life insurance plans to meet various customer needs.  Following are five of them.

  • HDFC Life Click2Retire
  • HDFC Life Click2Invest- ULIP
  • HDFC Life YoungStar Udaan
  • HDFC Life Uday
  • HDFC Life personal Pension Plus

Among all the plans mentioned above, HDFC Click to Protect plus, Click2Retire and Click2Invest are the three newly launched products that you can buy online.  

Life insurance plans offered by HDFC life are the best and the most trusted ones with high claim settlement ratios. So if you are thinking of buying an insurance plan, HDFC Life should be the first name to come to your mind from now on.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Financegab team who are the personal financial advisor in India.

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