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Why do people lose money in the Stock Market?

A lot of investors and traders lose money in the stock market for various reasons. It is not always a major loss as the stock market’s fluctuation and unpredictability can lead to small losses now and then. However, if one does not follow a few tried-and-tested trading and investment strategies, then a loss is inevitable. These methods are based on extensive research by experienced brokers and seasoned stock market experts. A few simple reasons why one may lose money in the stock market are given below:


  1. Not getting the right information: Be it the knowledge of the stock market or the brokerage firm you choose to invest with, it is necessary to gather information only from credible sources. Instead of choosing your investment instruments and your broker based on recommendations from acquaintances, carry out your own research and verify it with an experienced financial advisor.


  1. Making uninformed decisions: With the right knowledge and guidance from a financial advisor or a reputed broker, you can avoid buying stocks and securities that restrict the returns on your investment portfolio. If you must, then invest only in the assets that serve your investment goals and suit your risk profile.


  1. Overcrowding your portfolio: Investors often invest in too many stocks to generate lucrative profits over a period of time. However, you should have a good selection criterion that will help you pick only quality stocks and maintain a stable portfolio. That way, your portfolio will be focused on qualitative as well as quantitative growth.


  1. No diversification: Having an optimal amount of assets in your portfolio is a good way to diversify and reduce unsystematic risk. The assets should be spread over various sectors and industries. Often, investors tend to go only for one or two recommended stocks without paying attention to the importance of portfolio diversification. As a result, the investments are unable to withstand the impact of a volatile market, leading to losses.


It is not difficult to avoid losses in the stock market if you take the necessary steps to construct your portfolio and make the right investment decisions, based on expert research.


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