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What to do when Economy & Market Condition is bad ?

Considering that it is a very different kind of scenario what we are facing. First is to take care of your health and the people around you.

I can re-look at 2008 Recession and identify what has worked at that time & can try to make it better for today.

I don’t have a 100% winning strategy and nobody can tell you that. However something is there which I think will probably work.

The economic and earnings impact of this unprecedented event is currently unclear as the situation is still evolving. There are several stocks in Nifty whose prices/valuations have corrected to multi-year lows. Post the Corona virus outbreak, the Nifty corrected 30-35% in the last one and half months. We note that such significant corrections have opened up equally significant investment opportunities in the past.

In Stock market, Prices of the stocks moves through Opinions. Today’s Opinion make today’s Price and Tomorrow’s Opinion make tomorrow’s Price. The thing which we really need to focus on is “QUALITY”. Here Quality refer to “Quality of Business & Quality of Management”. Market is basically reacting to the fear that this Covid-19 can spread and it can go beyond control. At this flash crash like a scenario, focus on Quality Stocks & build a Quality Portfolio.

Remember: History tends to repeat itself.

#Stay at Home but #Stay Productive.


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