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What are stockholders and stocktraders ?

Shareholder or stockholder is a person who has holding of stock of any public or private corporation these shareholders can be referred as members of corporation a stockholder is regarded as beneficial that has economic benefit of ownership of shares the company doesn't record the ownership which is beneficial only the owner of the share has recorded that ownership these stockholders are legally separated from the company these persons are not liable for the  debts of the corporation.


Special privileges are given to shareholders which depends on which share class is given to them suchasthe board of directors has the largest stake in the company shareholders of the company have some rights such as selling of the shares they have, to vote the directors appointed by the board of directors, to buy new shares issued in the company etc these shareholders may also acquire the shares in the primary market however most of the shareholders buy shares in the secondary market.


Now we move on to what are stock traders or share traders well it is a single individual or a group of individuals in a company who are involved in purchasing and selling of shares there are two types of traders or investors Equity and commodity traders, share market traders engage in buying and selling of shares futures options and hedgers where hedge is defined as investment position intended position intended to offset the potential loss or gains that may be incurred by a companion investment.


Stock traders usually need a stock broker in order to put forward their transactions now with the advent of internet it is widely used to manage the positions with the use of modern computer software systems investors make use of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to help them in making decisions. Using the pivot points of the early day’s trading session they make use of they predict the buy and sell of current day’s trading session.

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