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What is Day Trading? and How to Play in Intraday Trading?

What is Day trading? This is a very good question if you don't know it, let me describe it to you right now. Day trading is one trading activity that starts and exits the market regularly on the same day.

What advantage could we get from day trading? Well, the most obvious is that you don't have to pay for a rollover or interest fee to your broker for letting your trade starts until the new day has reached. Why? Because if you let your trade opens for few days or weeks or months than you have to pay your agent an interest fee because they also giving those fee to the inter banks that joining your trades with the markets. To earn more profit in intraday trading you can take stock tips from online website.

OK lets us get back to the point now. So what type of investor are you? There are types of investors out there. Each and every one of them has their own policy, money management and style of their own. day trading is one of those styles that is being found by many traders out there nowadays.

So what are other advantages of this way of trade? I have noticed one advantage of this trading style earlier. The other I assume is the motion trades and position trades but the intraday way is more make sense to me because this kind of style has a more valid target and automatically has less risk included in each trade started.

What I mean by the more sensible target is that the trade has a less profit target but it's reachable. Unlike those motion trades or position trades, we could find more trading potential in making intraday trading. We could get many chances to do intraday trading because we see everything on the shorter time frame and based our judgment from there.

So as this being said, if you are a beginner in trading and you only get in with a few of your hard earned capital to invest in this market. Then I guess it is better for you to consider this trading style as your first style because as I mentioned above, with everything less, you can control your capital better because the possible profit and the possible loss are beyond your reach. For safe side play in the stock market, you can take also take free intraday tips from any advisory firms.

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