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What are the rules for trading bitcoin futures contracts?- the IXX exchange

1. Trading hours

Contracts are traded 7*24 hours a day, with trading interrupted only during settlement or settlement at 16:00(UTC+8) every Friday.
In the last 10 minutes before delivery, the contract can only be closed, can not open positions.

2. Transaction type

There are two types of trading, open and open.
Open a position and hold a position, and divide into buy and sell two directions:

To buy long (bullish) is to buy a certain number of new contracts when a user is bullish or bullish on an index.
Carry on "buy open long" operation, matchmaking success will increase the long position.

A short short (long short) is a short contract that the user covers when he is no longer bullish on the future index, offsetting his current hold of a buy contract with an exit from the market.
"Sell long" operation, matching success will reduce the long position.

Short selling (short selling) refers to the new selling of a certain number of contracts when a user becomes bearish or bearish on the index.
Carry out "sell open short" operation, matchmaking success will increase the short position.

Short selling (short selling) refers to a call contract in which the user no longer bears the future index and covers it, offsetting the exit from the market with the current hold of a sell contract.
"Buy flat" operation, matching success will reduce short positions.

3. Ordering method

Price limit commission: the user needs to specify the price and quantity of the order.
Open position and position can use limit price entrustment.

Counterprice ordering: If the user selects counterprice ordering, the user can only enter the quantity of the order and cannot enter the price of the order.

The system will receive this delegate at the moment, read the current latest opponent price (if the user buys, the opponent price is to sell 1 price;
If it is to sell, then the counterparty price is to buy 1 price), place a price limit commission of this counterparty price.

4. Positions

After the user opens storehouse clinch a deal, had position namely, the position on same contract same direction can consolidate.
In a contract account, there can be a maximum of 6 positions, namely the week long position, the week short position, the week long position, the week long position, the week short position, the quarter long position, the quarter short position.

5. Ordering restrictions

The platform will limit the number of positions held by a single user in a certain period contract and the number of positions opened/closed in a single transaction to prevent users from manipulating the market.

Currency futures in addition to the contract, are popular, the most important point to provide "leverage", leveraged deals can magnify the benefits of investors, investors can amplify the damage, such as 10 times investors use leverage, if investors profit, the investor's income is 10 times, on the basis of the original on the other hand, if once the loss, the loss is also on the basis of the original 10 times

The IXX Exchange, the world's first digital asset trading community, supports Bitcoin, Cardano, OMG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies to meet the needs of all users.

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