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What are the characteristics of the bitcoin bull market?

Bitcoin is pretty well known, but what does a bull market in bitcoin mean?

Bitcoin is the existence of a familiar transaction currency!

The price of Bitcoin could soar to $100,000 in just over two years.

You can also see that the outlook is pretty good.

So today's main question is what does the bull market in Bitcoin mean? Let's start with four characteristics of what a bitcoin bull market is.

1. Characteristics of market sentiment
Before the bull market is coming, as a result of the decline in the currency mayor time, will be in the market to form a heavy hold disk, the sentiment is also in the constant being caught in the exhausted. But it is often when sentiment is extremely low that the currency market is not far from a true low.

2. Characteristics of trend patterns
During the upcoming trend of the bull market, technical patterns will appear to break the level and accelerate the decline, a variety of technical bottom, market bottom, policy bottom and support levels and passes, are weak, a little resistance will have been defeated. All kinds of moving average system are also in the downward divergence stage, and the divergence Angle presents a bigger and bigger trend.

3. Characteristics of the magnitude of the decline
When the market is in an upward trend, you can focus on two kinds of measurement standards: one is the peak position of the previous market, usually a strong uptrend adjustment, its lowest point is not lower than the last market peak. Another standard is this round of market rise of the golden section point.

4. Characteristics of policies
This is the market to make the most of the key factors of the bull market, which mainly includes two aspects: on the one hand is the policy of explicit support; On the other hand, the market development can be actively coordinated with the policy.

There was a big guy on Twitter who said:
"There are 7 billion people in the world, and the maximum number of Bitcoins issued is 21 million. If you only value your wealth based on Bitcoins, if you own one bitcoin, you will be among the top three-thousandth of the world's rich."

As an investment option, Bitcoin has developed into a mainstream currency with a huge space of appreciation. In the past decade, it has even greatly surpassed the STANDARD & Poor's Index of U.S. Stocks.

For traditional finance, in order to avoid risks, gold is usually chosen as the investment object, or government bonds, oil and other relatively stable investment objects.

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