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What are the characteristics of Bitcoin?

The ideal new currency in the digital age should have at least three characteristics:

1. It should not be controlled by any authority, so that it cannot be manipulated and printed at will (depreciating), and no one can tell anyone what they can do and cannot use it.

2. Money should be borderless so that it can be easily exchanged with anyone at any location.

3. It should be apolitical so as not to favor particular systems or groups of people.In short, these (and many other features) are features of Bitcoin that look like any attractive alternative based on a fiat currency system.

Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized digital currency.Its value comes mainly from the fact that it is the first digital currency that no individual, organization or institution can control.Anyone can buy it, anyone can accept it - and no one can tell anyone what they can or can't do.

It is often difficult to understand why dispersed money is valuable to people living in first world countries, when their social money is likely to sound sound, or appear to be.In order for people in the first world to understand why Bitcoin is valuable, they must recognize why the legal tender system is not robust.

In fact, given the overall picture, any currency controlled by a central bank is not really a rational choice.
In general, governments have established monetary systems that enable them to manipulate the supply of their own currency to ensure that its value is supported by its words, that it is always valuable.The problem is that "something" has been worth less and less since fiat money moved away from the gold standard.

The reason is simple: the government likes to spend more than taxes and other sources of revenue;
So they printed enough money on their own to meet their needs.As it prints more money and puts it into the economy, it reduces the value of every dollar already in circulation.

Bitcoin's beautifully designed features mean it promises to have an impact on the lives of people in the most volatile economies, such as Argentina and Venezuela, where governments heavily manipulate their funds.

As a quick primer, countries such as Venezuela and Argentina have gone through periods when their governments printed too much of their currency for their citizens to spend quickly enough before it depreciated.It happened many times in every country, and as a result, their entire monetary system collapsed and the affected citizens had to find another medium of exchange.This medium of exchange leads to greater participation in cryptocurrencies, making it easier to trade and invest.There are a lot of currency Exchange service for investors to establish encryption, IXX Exchange ( is an example of this.The IXX Exchange, the world's first digital asset trading community, supports Bitcoin, Cardano, OMG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies to meet the needs of all users.

People are entitled to their freedoms as human rights, so to speak, and governments that destroy their own money take away their people's economic freedoms.They have little chance of getting the same economic opportunities as the rest of the world, so the biggest thing they want is a currency that cannot be controlled by the central government in Central Lu.

In 1912, the renowned Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises wrote in his Theory of Money and Credit that there were two aspects to sound money.In approving the market's choice of a common medium of exchange, it is affirmative.This is not conducive to preventing government intervention in the monetary system."

He continued: "It is impossible to grasp the meaning of sound money without realizing that the concept of sound money is designed to protect civil liberties from the tyranny of government."

Why is Bitcoin valuable

These core flaws that plague the fiat money system do not exist in Bitcoin.The supply of bitcoin is determined by a code that all participants in the network agree on.The rate at which new bitcoins are distributed around the world is fixed and transparent, as is the last bitcoin creation date.Bitcoin also has no public face and can strongly influence the direction of a currency.It is correcting these flaws in our current system that adds value to Bitcoin

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