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What Are Term Deposits, Government Bonds, Treasury Bills & Money Market Funds in India?

Financial instruments found in the debt market include:

1. Term Deposits
2. Government bonds
3. Treasury Bills (T-Bills)
4. Money Market Funds
5. Corporate Bonds and Corporate Debentures in India
6. Domestic Bond Funds.

In this article, we will only discuss the term deposits, government bonds, treasury bills and money market fund.

What Are Term Deposits, Government Bonds, Treasury Bills & Money Market Funds in India
What Are Term Deposits, Government Bonds, Treasury Bills & Money Market Funds in India

1. Term Deposits

Term Deposits are qualifying instruments for tax shelter and will share the following characteristics.

a) Short-Term Deposit: less than 1 year
b) Long-Term Deposit: to 5 years. Interest Rate: depends on length of deposit and competitive profit from rising interest rates available in the marketplace.

Long-term investments are called Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) and can be purchased for a lesser amount such as $500. They are also called a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Rates may vary as little as 0.10% amongst the deposit takers.

Term Deposits may be cashed prior to maturity, but this may incur a penalty. GICs generally cannot be cashed before they mature, although some deposit takers are now more flexible.

2. Government saving bonds

Country residency is required and guaranteed by the country of issuer.

a) Are registered bonds that provide protection against loss, theft or destruction.
b) Are not transferable.
c) Can be purchased for a minimum of $100 to a maximum of $500,000.
d)The interest is taxable and is competitive with GICs.
e) Mature in 10 to 12 years.

In India, Indian Government saving bonds are issued as either G-Sec Bonds Investment.
In US, US saving bonds are issued as series EE bonds, Series I Bonds.
The investment risk for government savings bonds Issued by Indian government or US government is nil, since the bond is guaranteed by the federal government.


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3) Treasury bills (T bill)

Treasury bonds are a short term money market instrument and issued by the Indian government in terms of 30, 60, 91, 182 and 364 days. They are sold by auction.

Banks and investment houses buy at wholesale in multiples of $5 million denominations. They then sell these T-Bills to brokers and investment dealers who break down their purchases into $1,000 lots.

T bills are sold discount to their face values and also sold on the bond secondary market and their value fluctuates depending on competitive interest rates at the times of resell.

The short-term nature of T-Bills does not cause a large exposure to interest rate risk, but to some extent there is an inflation risk. If a T-Bill is sold before maturity, any gain is taxed as interest.

4. Money market funds

Money market fund holds T bills and other short term money market contracts. Investors pool the investments through the mutual fund. Units in this fund can be bought and sold daily. Money market funds produce capital gains although their primary function is to generate interest income. Interest is generally paid monthly, while capital gains are paid annually.

The benefits of money market funds include

a) security of principal
b) liquidity.
c) eligible for plan registration

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