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WD Gann- Human Body Interpretations

WD Gann -Human Body Interpretation

WD Gann Human Body Interpretation article aims to explore what Gann was saying about Human Body and what were some similarity and scope of research in markets when compared with human body.

Gann said the 5th year of the Decades have strongest bull runs in commodities and some stocks as well

Human Body Observation: watch the Thumb in your hands. put your hand on the table, with inner part towards the table. You will see that both hand thumbs acquire the 5th and 6th position in all the 10 fingers. same thing is true for your toes.

WD Gann Human Body

Eclipse or Ellipse?

I often got confused while I reading Ellipse as Eclipse. Today (1st Sept 2016) morning I woke up with experiencing my teeth inside my mouth with my tongue and then lips. I got goosebumps. The lips which is a door to the mouth was so much synonymous to eclipse and ellipse.

Eclipse WD Gann

WD Gann Ellipse

Lips WD Gann

And then Mouth in English and “Muh” in Hindi are so much similar to moon. And then the Teeth (the rabbit teeth, 2 big tooth) in front just seemed to like the full moons and they were reducing in size towards inside same as moon becomes week before and after full moon.

This is something phenomenal. Moreover I did not know that 1st Sept 2016 was a solar eclipse until my someone told me in the evening. So this was a validation of how a planetary phenomenon tells about itself when it is about to occur.

In a adult human being including 4 wisdom teeth the number is 32. The Cycle of Moon in 27-28 days. May be wisdom tooth if excluded the number becomes 28. I don’t want to fit things, but there are enough similarity in the astronomical bodies and human body.

Mouth resembles (Symbols) Moon and Teeth are showing the moon phases. Then what does Tongue resembles with? I think Snake, the look and feel of snake and tongue are so similar. Also Lord Vishnu Cut the Devil Rahu into two parts. The upper Head part known as Rahu or Dragon Head or North Node and Lower part known as Ketu or Dragon Tail or South Node.

Node resembles (Symbols) Jaws or pair of teeth

The Node symbols look like the pair tooth . Nodes in symbols are “U” shaped and is the 16 or 14 tooth pair on upside and downside representing South Node and North Node.
WD Gann Human Body Teeth Pair and North Node

Nodes look very similar to the Teeth Pair
WD Gann Human Body -symbols-of-the-lunar-nodes

Now I am sharing few other similarities and finding I found over the past few years. All what I am sharing on the premise that WD Gann asked to analyse Human Body and with this analysis I am getting convinced more and more that Astro Bodies are manifesting themselves in the surroundings. The magnetic current of power of heavenly bodies gets converted into some other similar structure such as Human Bodies or Plants and Trees.

Seventh Chakra resembles 7th Planet Saturn

I was fortunate to have a Reiki training last year. There I came to know about the Chakras, which could be opened starting from the bottom most chakra. Each charka had its own color. The most astonishing thing was that the seventh chakra was situated above our head and not inside Human Body. The sixth Chakra which is Gyan Chakra or knowledge chakra is represented by Jupiter.
WD Gann Human Body

ECG -Heart Graph and Gann Graph paper

Once I was being given a Life Insurance policy by parents and there was some medical check up before any one could take the policy. This Medical test measured the Heart Beats and I dont what else. After the test was over, I was handed a slip, this is some 15-20 years back when I did not know who WD Gann was. Ever since I started understanding Gann I always great similarities between the ECG graph and Gann’s Graph Paper. On the ECG graph as well I saw the same cycles as on the stock market charts. Then I observed the Breathe the inhalation and exhalation. It was a cycle repeating again and again. V D Gann also talked about cycles and their repetition.

WD Gann Graph Paper

Human Age and Human Height Correlation

I note that people in western countries are taller in height not just that they also have longer lives because of improved medical facilities. What is the average age of an american? what is the average height of an american? or European? does the the average height converted into inches corresponds to the average age of a country men? Don’t know that could be a area of big research in it self. I got this thought coz average age and height of an Indian is less than a American or European. And also when I converted Indian men height in to inches I got answers like 66 inches (5.5 feet) which might be around the average age of an Indian of 66 years. However I see average age figure going up and down more frequently while this is not the case with the height. The figures have been talked are for males by default.

I get Indications of how my trading days might go in advance

I have few more observations. I often got hurt physically before I incur some kind of losses. I have also noticed that any biggest profits came when I attain Super emotional states of happiness and then all trades and life becomes super easy.

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