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Upstox Pro Mobile App Review by A Digital Blogger

Upstox Pro Mobile App Introduction

Upstox (earlier called RKSV) is a Mumbai based discount stockbroker and offers decent performing trading applications. Although it does not have an in-house terminal based platform yet for trading, they do have a browser-based application called Upstox Pro Web application.

Users can trade and invest in Equity, Currency, Future and Options segments at National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) using the mobile app. This mobile app is available in both Android and iOS versions, thus, offering flexibility to users with the kind of phones they use.



Upstox Pro Mobile App Features

  • As you log in, the default screen shown displays NIFTY indices with the current market status and the overall trend. With this, you get a quick idea of the market movement for the day.
  • Further ahead, you can click on a specific index listing and check out the stocks listed on that index with the current market price, decrease in the price and the percentage value decrease from the Open price of the day.
  • To check the complete details about a particular scrip, you can tap or search a particular stock and details for technical as well as fundamental analysis are displayed to you, segregated into multiple tabs. Further ahead, you may choose to buy or sell that particular stock by clicking on either of the buttons displayed on the screen.
  • On click of either Buy or Sell, you are asked specific details about the order such as Quantity, type of order (Cover order, bracket order, limit order, AMO - aftermarket order) to be placed, price to buy or sell for, type of execution. Once you provide all the inputs, you can click on the 'Review' button.



Upstox Pro Mobile App Disadvantages

Here are some concerns with this mobile app from Upstox:

  • Charting can be a concern to load, specifically in smaller cities or in case you are using a lower internet connection bandwidth.
  • No Quick customer service at crucial junctures available.



Upstox Pro Mobile App Advantages

At the same time, you get the following benefits while accessing this mobile application for trading:

  • Various features for technical analysis offered in the mobile app.
  • The app offers Guest Login with limited features.



To know the rest of the review and get complete information, you can check info on Upstox Pro Mobile App

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