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Trade Smart Online Mobile App Review by A Digital Blogger

Trade Smart Online Mobile App Overview

Trade Smart online is a discount stock broker based out of Mumbai and provides trading services at a reasonable price. When it comes to its trading platforms, Trade Smart Online mobile app or Sine is the only in-house developed and maintained trading application from this discount broker.

Other platforms across web and desktop are the third party in nature and thus, the broker has relatively much lesser control over those softwares.

With this Sine Mobile trading app, you can trade and invest in Equity, Derivatives, Currency and Commodity. Furthermore, the broker has designed a guest login flow as non-clients so that they can have a basic walkthrough of the mobile app, but the flow does not seem to work beyond the initial OTP confirmation screen.




Trade Smart Online Mobile App Features

Let's discuss some of the features and understand how the Trade Smart Online mobile app - Sine works and assists you in your trading and investing:

  • As you login into the application, you are shown a basic dashboard with information on latest updates of different indices, along with your holding value, trading balance, overall order summary.
  • You can set up a Market Watchlist and add those specific stocks and financial entities that you are looking to monitor. Once you add such stocks into different watchlists, its corresponding information is made available at the dashboard screen itself. However, you CANNOT set any particular watchlist as the default market watch as per preference.
  • If you want to place an order, you can view the summary of specific stocks by tapping onto the scrip name and view basic details such as bid price, the volume available along with a provision to view related charts and other stats.
  • Then, at the time of order execution, the user can edit some of the aspects such as Action (Buy or Sell), Quantity of stocks to be bought or sold, limit to be used and so on. Once decided, the user can press the 'Submit' button and thus, execute the order.
  • For quick analysis, you can view the Heatmap functionality available within the app. With this flow, you don't need to look at the numbers specifically, there are specific colour codes (green - growth, red - drop, orange/yellow - stable) and understand the stock momentum accordingly.
  • Then, the app gives a clean and segregated view where you can get a quick idea about the status of the top movers, gainers, losers and so on across different indices and sub-index segregations. This idea is provided through a 180-degree colour-coded block (as shown in the screenshot below) that tells you what percentage of stocks in NIFTY200, for example, have grown positively, negatively and the ones that have stayed neutral



Thus, from the feature perspective, the Trade Smart Online Mobile App - Sine looks exhaustive in nature. But more importantly, we need to understand how easy or tough it is tough to use this application.

Since, there are different types of users such as beginners, medium level traders, heavy traders etc and correspondingly different user types have different levels of expertise of using such trading applications.



Trade Smart Online Mobile App Advantages

  • Trading and investing allowed across different segments including Equity, commodity, currency, IPO, mutual funds and so on.
  • The app offers a reasonable number of features and thus, is pretty exhaustive in nature.



Trade Smart Online Mobile App Disadvantages

Here are few issues listed with the mobile app:

  • The application requires you to log in each time you swap any other mobile application within the same session. This can be frustrating at times since users like to switch between trading and financial info mobile apps/website at times.
  • Connectivity issues observed in case your internet connection bandwidth is average or low.



For rest of the details, you can check the complete review of Trade Smart Online Mobile App

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