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Zerodha Demat, Brokerage, Margins, Trading Review 2021

Zerodha is a Bangalore based discount Broker for trading in Stock, Commodity, and Currency derivatives. It charges a brokerage of 0.01% or Rs 20 per order executed, whichever is less, no matter the number of shares or their prices. With Zerodha, the maximum brokerage you pay for any transaction is Rs 20 for an order. Zerodha does not charge brokerage for delivery. Integrated in 2010, Zerodha is the first and no. 1 discount broker in India by quantity, number of clients, and growth. As of December 2020, Zerodha has 29 lakh+ active clients. Zerodha contributes to over 15% of retail trading volumes over NSE. 

Lately, it’s taken the lead as the largest brokerage firm in India based on the number of customers. Zerodha has over 1,100 employees located at its Bangalore office. Like some other online stock trading companies, Zerodha features trading services to buy & sell stocks, futures options. Zerodha has built its own trading application named Kite and back-office applications named Console. All trading computer software apps including trading terminal, website, and mobile trading are made accessible to its client for no charge. Zerodha’s brokerage construction is extremely straight forward and very simple to understand. A client who moved to Zerodha has reported 80% to 90% saving in broker in comparison to full-service brokers. 

Zerodha is one of the most technologically advanced and cheapest stock brokers in India for all sorts of investors including individuals who trade just a couple of times in a month to day traders who execute 100’s of trades every day. Zerodha also has amazing educational initiatives like Varsity, Trading Q&A, and Opentrade. These programs are actively employed by its clients to interact with the Zerodha team.

 Zerodha Varsity– It’s an investor education initiative from Zerodha wherein clients can teach themselves on different aspects of trading and investment. Varsity has 10 modules or classes, each consisting of numerous chapters, on different facets of stock trading involving technical analysis, fundamental analysis, Options approaches and Futures trading, etc. The modules are detailed wherein crucial financial theories are lucidly explained.

 Trading Q&A– It is a totally free and open, community-driven Q&A forum wherein Zerodha customers can ask questions on all things related to Zerodha platforms, its services, stock trading, and stock markets and get answers from other members of the team. The company reps, every once in a while, also answer questions particularly those associated with Zerodha’s services and products.

Zerodha’s Trading Platforms.

A client Can trade with Zerodha in the following manners: 

Kite 3.0.

 Launched in November 2015, Zerodha Kite Web is a web-based HTML 5 lightweight & fast trading platform that may be utilized for trading on mobile, tablets as well as on a web browser. Kite is developed in the house by Zerodha and since its launch has been subject to various updates. Currently, Kite 3.0 net platform is supplied by Zerodha. It provides a complete market watch, complete mapping with over 100 indications and 6 chart types, advanced order forms like Brackets and cover, milliseconds purchase placements, and even more for trading in BSE, NSE, and MCX. Kite Web 3.0 can be obtained for free to all of its customers. 

Kite Android / Kite iOS. 

A smartphone application for Android and iOS. This application allows clients to trade from their mobile phones. Kite Mobile application is available free of charge to all of its customers for trading & monitoring stocks and commodity markets in India. With live streaming data from BSE, NSE, and MCX, Kite Mobile App is the most advanced trading application readily available in India.


 Console is your back office stage of Zerodha. It is a trade and reporting dash panel wherein Zerodha clients can see and monitor all of their investments- stocks, derivatives, and mutual funds. 

They are also able to access various reports, get account statements, post-withdrawal requests, and download contract notes. The Console also provides analytics tools like a trade book along with a heatmap. 

Zerodha Sentinel.

 Sentinel is a cloud-based tool that allows Zerodha clients to prepare price alerts on stocks, futures, and options. The unique characteristic of Sentinel is that as opposed to other comparable price alert tools which are machine-dependent and only activate when your computer is on, here price alerts can be triggered for almost any time, even when the computer is off. Notifications are delivered on Kite and email each time a price alert is triggered. With Sentinel, a dealer can place price alerts in real-time on 80,000 stocks, derivatives, and bonds, etc. throughout exchanges.


 Zerodha Coin is a mutual fund investment platform by Zerodha. Coin allows individuals to invest in direct mutual funds. This means you can do commission-free of charge direct MF investment. It provides savings of over 1.5percent on commissions each year. Mutual funds are deposited in a Demat account connected with the Zerodha trading account.


Zerodha offers a selection of trading applications platforms and tools to its clientele. It’s also partnered with a few other companies to provide third party programs to its clientele. A Variety of platforms and tools offered by Zerodha comprises – 

Kite 3. O (Web-based trading platform) 

Kite Mobile (Mobile Trading Program ) 

Console (Reporting Dashboard) 

Coin (Mutual Fund Investment) 

Sentinel (Live Market Alerts) 

Zerodha Kite 3. O (Web-based trading platform) 

Kite 3.0 is a strong web-based trading platform offered by Zerodha. The platform is built in-house by the company and provides a fast and dependable trading experience to traders. It’s got a wide selection of new and fundamental characteristics such as – 

Universal search tool to quickly search across 90,000+ stocks and F&O contracts across multiple exchanges instantly. 

Real-time data widgets to get quotes, live ticks, and arrange alerts, etc... 

Advanced charting abilities with 100+indications, studies, and tools, and extensive historical statistics. 

Multilingual platform with support for 11 regional languages. 

Multiple order types including Limit, Market, StopLoss, AMO, Bracket, and Cover orders. 

Integration with investment applications for example smallcase and streak offered by partners of Zerodha. 

Single click finance transport and withdrawal. 

Zerodha Kite Demo (Zerodha Kite User Guide ) 

Zerodha Kite 3.0 is an advanced trading platform using a wide range of attributes. Traders who are new to the problem would require some understanding of the numerous attributes and functionalities of the system to use it. Zerodha Kite 3.0 User Guide describes all the characteristics of the Kite system in an easy way. 

Zerodha clients can find out about Kite 3. O stage by visiting this page. 

Kite Mobile (Mobile Trading Program ) 

Kite Mobile is a portable trading application developed by Zerodha. The cellular trading applications platforms bring Zerodha’s flagship trading platform Kite Internet on Android and iOS cellular phones. Zerodha clients can download the mobile application and utilize it to examine and trade. The application offers many fundamental trading attributes such as – 

One-tap search for stocks and contracts across all exchanges 

Quick Purchase and Sell 

Live market data 

Create multiple MarketWatch 

Live market depths 

Advanced charting attributes with 100+ indications and studies 

Historical data 

Different order types including AMO, BO (Bracket orders), CO (Cover orders) 

Fund transfer facility 

Zerodha Mobile Trading Software Download 

The Zerodha cellular application is available for Google Android and Apple iOS cellular phones. The Zerodha trading mobile software can be downloaded for free! 

Zerodha Coin (Mutual Fund Platform) 

Zerodha Coin is a mutual fund platform that lets you invest in various funds on-line. Investors can directly invest in mutual funds from the companies at no commission. Numerous attributes of the mutual fund platform from Zerodha comprises – 

Free platform for mutual fund investments 

Zero commission charged 

Mutual funds are directly credited on your Zerodha Demat account form 

Single reports such as the capital profit announcement, P&L visualizations, etc., for all your investments. 

SIP facility, decrease or increase SIP as per your desire 

View and track the NAV of the funds.

Coin Mobile App 

Coin is also available as a mobile application for Zerodha clients. The Coin mobile application provides you with the convenience to spend in 3000+ mutual funds from 34 finance homes directly at no commission. The application offers all the features offered from the web-based platform of the Coin. 

The Zerodha Coin mobile application is available for Google Android and Apple iOS mobile phones. The Coin application could be downloaded for free! 

Console (Reporting Dashboard) 

Console is the platform of Zerodha. It’s a trade and reporting dash panel that provides a vast range of attributes to Zerodha clients enjoy! 

Center to place withdrawal requests 

Monitor credits and debits in your trading account through your account announcement 

View your portfolio- stock positions and mutual fund investments 

Access to multiple reports such as trade book, P&L, etc... 

Download contract notes and perimeter statements 

Access analytics tools like trade book and P&L heatmap 

Sentinel (Price Alerts Tool) 

Sentinel is a cloud-based, machine-independent tool for setting up price alerts on stocks and contracts. The tool permits traders to prepare price alerts that may be triggered at any time and even when your computer is away. 

Zerodha Sentinel Features 

Set alerts for 80,000+ instruments across exchanges. 

Create advanced alerts that combine multiple causes. 

Get alerts on Google Chrome browser, Kite web platform, and via email. 

View history of all of your triggered alarms. 

Accessible for Zerodha non-clients also. 

Free 30 trigger alerts based on a single data-point 

Supports multiple types of data points such as today’s Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Percentage of Change, Open Interest, Total Bids, Total Asks, etc... 

Zerodha Commodity Trading Software 

Zerodha is a leading on-line discount broker offering commodity trading solutions at MCX and NCDEX. Zerodha trading platform for the product includes: 

Kite 3.0 ( Web-based Trading Platform) 

Kite Mobile App (Mobile Trading App) 

Zerodha product trading software platforms application download is available on its internet site. Steps to download the Kite Mobile App as described above. 

Zerodha Forex Trading Platform 

Zerodha offers currency derivatives trading at BSE and NSE exchanges. 

Customers can use any one of the available Zerodha trading software programs on-line to trade from currency futures and options.

Zerodha Trading Tools

Zerodha provides a selection of on-line trading calculators to his clients. The on-line trading computers are useful in fast calculating brokerage fees and margin. Trading tools made available by Zerodha included-. 

Brokerage Calculator– This helps you in calculating gain from trade by providing you a comprehensive breakdown of broker fees and several other taxes and charges. 

Margin Calculator- It can help you calculate the a variety of margin demanded like Span, vulnerability, and total margin etc., to assist you know the total amount of margin has to be kept in a trade. 

Black Scholes calculator– Designed for Options Traders, the calculator uses the popular Black Scholes model to calculate the premium and assorted Option The Greeks who have an influence on the price of an option contract.

 Pi Expert Advisors– This permits you to code your specialized analysis strategy without programming, backtest it to look at its past operation and take it to reside on Pi Expert Advisors. It’ll then create real time Buy/Sell signals for the plan.

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