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Successful Stock Market Investors | The Bulls Of India

Top 5 Successful Stock Market Investors Bimal Institute  Today we are going to read about top 5  successful stock market investor . They invested their money in stock and turn their capital ...
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What Is Technical Analysis?

Technical Analysis is the practice of anticipating price changes of a financial instrument {like shares} or the market as a whole by analyzing prior price changes and looking for patterns and relation...
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What is a breakout in stocks?

A breakout from a base pattern is considered an ideal time to buy a stock. When markets are correcting, three out of four stocks feel the pressure. Even fundamentally strong stocks with good financial...
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How is Algorithmic Trading used in the Stock Market?

With the growing technological advances, there have been various FinTech startups looking to use AI-driven algorithmic trading to help predict the stock market more accurately, William O’Neil India al...
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How do you know when to sell a stock?

For every successful transaction you perform in the equity market, there are 2 steps; the first is to invest in a good stock and the second being to sell the equity in the market at the right time. A ...
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What's the biggest mistake that stock investors make?

Over the years, many forms of research and analysis have helped develop different investment strategies. However, many retail investors use intuition and baseless practices, while investing. This can ...
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Stocks that hogged limelight on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The following stocks, among others, are getting attention during Wednesday’s trade based on latest stock in news and developments of the companies: Coal India : Shares of the Coal India Limited were t...
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WD Gann Time Cycle Analysis indicates Tata Steel may fall atleast 30%

  WD Gann Time Cycle Analysis   indicates Tata Steel may fall atleast 30% in line with Nifty and Australian Equity Index.   The present top of Tata Steel is around 508. With minimu...
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Trend Reversal

This blog post was published on my blog earlier. Here is the reproduction of same. Today I am trying to write something about trend reversal in very simple language. It is a very vast subject in techn...
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When To Expect Rangebound Movement

Are you daytrading Nifty?  Here is something in this blog post that might help you.  It is based on pure price action trading.  Price action trading with Decision Points is what I follo...
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Elliott Wave Theory Explained with Examples – Wave’s Cycle

Basic Concept of Elliott Wave theory explained with examples – Wave’s Cycle, is a part of very first chapter of my book “ Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar ”. Many of ...
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How can you remove confusion from Elliott wave when purpose is to make profits

So, many times we as analysts start fighting over our Elliott Wave counts. I would like you look at the recent example which I have shared for, nifty it could be for any xyz stock. I am evaluating fro...
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