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WD Gann- Human Body Interpretations

WD Gann -Human Body Interpretation WD Gann Human Body Interpretation article aims to explore what Gann was saying about Human Body and what were some similarity and scope of research in markets when c...
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Google searches can predict stock market crashes

Google searches for various business and politics topics can predict future stock market crashes, according to a new study.  Researchers at the Warwick Business School analyzed search terms between 2004 and 2012, finding an increase in internet searches preceded market falls.  The group used a complex computer program to mine through a va...
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Investing is all about creating a discipline so Don't be Afraid of Investing into Equities

Engaging as a Financial Planner will not only help you in selecting investments but we will create a disciple in your mind to invest regularly. Investing is all about keeping patience and maintaining ...
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Chinese Stock market Crash - A Layman's explanation

In Continuation of my Series "Layman's Explanation", in this blog I'll try to explain the Current Chinese stock market meltdown. Chinese markets are the second biggest markets after US, but are yet no...
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Greek Crisis a Laymans Explanation

Everyone of us now are hyper aware of "Greek Crisis", almost every one of the expert is dropping "Greek crisis" word at a drop of a hat, as if Alexander is defeated by Porus in 21st century and the me...
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Elliott Wave Theory Explained with Examples – Wave’s Cycle

Basic Concept of Elliott Wave theory explained with examples – Wave’s Cycle, is a part of very first chapter of my book “ Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar ”. Many of ...
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How can you remove confusion from Elliott wave when purpose is to make profits

So, many times we as analysts start fighting over our Elliott Wave counts. I would like you look at the recent example which I have shared for, nifty it could be for any xyz stock. I am evaluating fro...
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Improve your trading by changing your thinking

When you can make yourself cheer by listening to your favorite song and avoid the bad state of mind. You can also do that for trading. Scientifically it is proven that if you keep thinking about the m...
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Part2- How and When to adjust the Oscillators such as RSI or Stochastics with market momentum

In the last post How and When to adjust the Oscillators such as RSI or Stochastics with market momentum , we adjusted our Oscillator settings at this point in the circle after market rhythm changed. W...
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Alpha & Beta Explained - Risk Metrics

Everyone of us must have come across the term Alpha & Beta in market commentaries by experts on various business channels and pink sheets, so what is Alpha? and what is Beta? In this blog I'll try...
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Nifty Gann Saturn Cycle Method suggests 7,200 levels if the current momentum continues

In the last few days, I have discovered a new cycle method of Saturn, with which we can get a lump sum of the price target in Nifty. Since, I cant explain this method as the knowledge is only for my s...
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Find your trading edge in the market to improve your trading results

Reading this might improve your trading results DRAMATICALLY and help to identify your edge in the market. You don’t need any external source for this, you can find it by questioning yourself. Not lon...
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