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How should you invest to secure your kid’s future?

Being a parent is a lot of responsibility. You want to do everything you can to secure your kid’s future. As a result, you may be asking yourself: How should I invest to secure my kid’s future? Well i...
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What is ahead for Indian stock market?

Negative things for the market: Continues Lockdown is adding more pressure on our economy. Almost all Supply chains have already got broken. These will take time to recover. Before their recovery, the...
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Still the No. 1 Stock Market Tip: Always Cut Your Losses Short

Currently, the market is in a Downtrend, as Nifty is trading near its five-month low. All the sectoral indices are trading below their 50-DMA , indicating broad-based weakness. In such a scenario, it ...
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Future Trading Advantages By Elite Investment Advisory Services

Stock Futures are the financial contracts in which the underlying asset is an individual stock. Stock Future contract is the agreement to buy or sell a specific quantity of underlying equity share for...
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Reliance Defence & Engineering’s financial results announced

Reliance Defence & engineering Ltd (RDEL) has reported its standalone revenue for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. Total sales for this quarter figured at Rs. 228 crore, registering 140.5% year-o...
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Why are Indian stock markets attractive for Investments?  

Dear Punit, At JainMatrix Investments, we are promoting a positive equity investing culture. Instead of blindly fearing stock markets, potential investors should understand better the opportunities av...
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Things You Should Be Familiar With Before Insuring Your Bike

Riding a bike can be a liberating feeling. It is often the preferred means of travel for a large section of our population. However, to ride the bike safely not only will you have to master the art of...
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Simple Investing Rules

An Investor has to look at stocks as businesses that have a determinable value, and then patiently wait for market fluctuations to buy that business at a great price. Money will only be made if you ar...
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Which is more Rewarding? - Long Term Investments or Short Term Investments

Investing in equities is one of the most effective ways to grow your wealth. Research shows that, a long term equity investment outperforms most other types of investments. Equities may give good shor...
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Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: We are in the first leg of Bull market

I think we are just in the initial stages of what I think is going to be a bull market which is going to make us forget 2003. Also, having said that, markets have gone up from 6800 to 8800-8900 in the...
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BREXIT and its effect on Indian Markets - A Laymans explanation

Everyone in the Equity & Currency markets is worried about BREXIT, so lets understand this and its effect on Indian Markets. Britain which is currently a part of European Union (EU) is going to ho...
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Eye of the tiger (and the cubs) : Investing - Julian Robertson way !!!

In my attempt to learn in-depth the working style of prominent investors, I explored Ralph Wanger in my first such post . His book was amazing and gave a lot of insights. This is my attempt to explore...
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