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STP a healthy alternate to SIP

Since last couple of months, markets have witnessed a steep climb on account of variety of reasons such as stunning victory of BJP in recently concluded election, and heightened expectations with Budget 14-15, scope of improving industrial production, better than expected domestic earnings etc..

On the negative side concerns on progress of monsoon, hard handed attitude of Govt, state of global recovery, etc.

So there will always be volatility in the markets, But is such volatility new to markets? Answer is no.

It is a known fact that volatility is inherent nature of markets and it is desire of every investor to buy when markets are low (I missed buying in the lows couple of months back). But we all know that timing market is difficult making the investment decision cumbersome.

Is it possible to overcome this decision paralysis in investing? Answer is Yes. Consider Daily Systematic Transfer Plan (Daily STP).

How does it work? You invest lumpsum amount in any specified liquid / debt scheme and give us instruction to transfer a fixed sum daily to a scheme of your choice. This shall ensure that you invest daily and buy more units when markets are low and fewer units when markets are high.

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