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Stockbrokers offering lowest brokerage

Trading in the stock markets has evolved in the past two decades. The technological advancement in the products and services being offered by brokers and increasing demand from the customers for technologically enhanced platforms are the major reasons behind this change.

Nowadays, the concept of investing low amounts for higher returns has gathered momentum in the Indian trading community which has caused many discount brokers to come up in the country and become hugely successful which was not the case almost 10 years back when most Indian investors would have to invest with traditional Full-Service brokers who would charge very high brokerage from their clients for their services.

The Full-Service brokers would usually charge a percentage of the trade as brokerage which is not suitable for traders who invest huge sums of money in the stock market and thus have to pay a lot of brokerage charges. Hence these traders don’t find it very profitable to work such brokers and often work with discount brokers who charge a fixed amount of brokerage no matter how big the trade. Let’s explain it with an example:

Suppose you want to invest Rs. 1Lakh in a stock, then the brokerage being charged by a flat fee broker is Rs. 20 whereas traditional brokers would charge Rs. 500 for the same transaction. Hence, traders can save a lot by investing with discount brokers.

Here is a detailed list of brokers charging the lowest brokerage with the charges being offered by them:


Founded in the year 2015, 5Paisa is the leading discount broking firm based out of Mumbai. It provides its services in the Online Trading, Insurance, and Mutual Funds domain. Here are the brokerage and other charges as follows:

  • 5Paisa has been backed by the Full-Service Broker India Infoline (IIFL) who has been in the broking space for more than 2 decades.
  • They charge one of the lowest brokerage charges with straightforward pricing at Rs10 per executed trade.

Here are the brokerage charges levied by 5Paisa in detail:

Segment Brokerage(NSE)
Equity Delivery 0.00325%
Equity Intraday 0.00325%
Equity Futures 0.0019%
Equity Options 0.050%
Currency Futures 0.002%
Currency Options 0.06%
Commodity 0.0030%

Wisdom Capital

Wisdom Capital is one of the evolving discount brokers in India with its major value proposition being the high amount of leverage it is offering its clients.

Being a discount broker, it also offers low brokerage charges to its clients which are competitive on comparing with other discount brokers.

Here is the detailed list of charges being offered by Wisdom capital across various segments:

Segment Brokerage(NSE)
Equity Delivery 0.00325%
Equity Intraday 0.00325%
Equity Futures 0.0028%
Equity Options 0.060%
Currency Futures 0.028%
Currency Options 0.06%
Commodity 0.0025%


Zerodha is widely known as the first discount broker in India offering a maximum of Rs 20 brokerage irrespective of the value of the trade.

Zerodha usually charges 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower per executed trade which is remarkably lower as compared to traditional full-service brokers.

Here are the brokerage charges being offered by Zerodha:

Segment Brokerage(NSE)
Equity Delivery 0.00325%
Equity Intraday 0.00325%
Equity Futures 0.0020%
Equity Options 0.050%
Currency Futures 0.0135%
Currency Options 0.04%
Commodity 0.01% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower

SAS Online

Founded in April 2013, SAS Online is relatively new to the stockbroking space but has made huge strides by acquiring clients at a very fast pace. Here is what it has to offer in terms of brokerage charges:

  • Flat brokerage of Rs. 9 or 0.01% per executed trade.
  • Offers monthly brokerage plans for Equity, Currency and Commodity Trading.
  • Call and trade facility available at Rs. 20

Here are the brokerage details offered by SAS Online:

Segment Brokerage(NSE)
Equity Delivery 0.00325%
Equity Intraday 0.00325%
Equity Futures 0.0250%
Equity Options 0.065%
Currency Futures 0.00165%
Currency Options 0.060%
Commodity 0.03%


Launched in 2013, Finvasia is a discount broker who allows its clients to trade in Equity, Currency, Commodity and Derivative Trading segments.

They don’t charge their customers based on the execution of trades but based on the trading platforms you use. Here are the details of how they charge you for using their trading platforms:

NEST: Rs. 149 per segment, Rs.99 per bracket. pmium plan – Rs 777 across all segments.

AMI Broker: Rs. 299 per month for unlimited trading across segments.

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