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Religare Dynami Mobile App Review by A Digital Blogger

Religare Dynami Mobile App Overview

As you have already noticed in the review of Religare Securities that the full-service broker has not been able to live up to the expectations of its clients, especially through its trading platforms. In this article here, we will talk specifically about the mobile app it provides to its clients - Religare Dynami. The app is relatively heavy at 10.83 MB size for Android users and 66.8 MB for iOS users. That is certainly one big let-off in the first place itself.


Religare Dynami Mobile App Features

  • As you install and open the application, you are required to provide valid credentials (username and password) to log in and start trading. The concern is, the application does not provide any guest login. In this competitive day and age, users have become much more cautious and intelligent where they prefer to have a demo of the app before going ahead into account opening. With no guest login, Religare securities is certainly missing a trick here.
  • Post login, you will be shown the current status of the market through different indices including Nifty, Sensex etc. along with top gainers and top losers of the day till that point in time. The feed timing is reasonable and the home page gives a standard display of information with no differentiation.
  • If you are looking to monitor few specific stocks or financial classes, you can add them to a watchlist. This mobile trading app allows you to create multiple watchlists within a single login. Furthermore, you can set up alerts and notifications on the stocks. When a specific stock hits a price you have set, the app...




Basically, around 34% of the mobile app reviewers have rated this app negatively. This definitely does not give any sign of a positive sentiment about this mobile app by the clients of Religare Securities.


Religare Dynami Mobile App Disadvantages

Here are some of the concerns of this mobile app:

  • There have been login related issues reported where the users are logged out of the application as soon as they log in. This is peculiarly a concerning issue and is a turn-off for regular traders.
  • The feed displayed can be delayed at times and can be ambiguous in nature.


Religare Dynami Mobile App Advantages

  • The Religare Dynami mobile app allows you to trade and invest in Commodity, Equity and currency.
  • Fund transfers between trading and bank accounts allowed through the mobile app.



For more information, you can check the complete review of Religare Dynami Mobile App


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