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Prostocks Review by A Digital Blogger

Prostocks Review

Prostocks in one of the most recent discount broking entrants in the Indian stock broking ecosystem. Founded in February 2016, Prostocks has its corporate office in Mumbai. It has a membership with NSE and BSE, thus, allowing its clients to trade across the following segments:

  • Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Currency
  • Depository Services
  • NRI Trading Services
  • Mutual funds

The discount broker is known to provide multiple brokerage plans and you can choose to use a specific plan depending on your trading preferences.

"Prostocks has an active client base of 1,956 up to 2017 for this financial year as per NSE Records"




In this Prostocks Review, we will be talking about multiple aspects, such as listed below:

Prostocks Trading Platforms

Prostocks is pretty decently placed when it comes to trading platforms. Users switching from other (full service) stockbrokers, who have the habit of using NSE based trading platforms (NSE Now Desktop, Mobile & Web) can use the same platforms while trading with Prostocks. Thus, in a sense, the switching cost involved (time involved in learning and getting accustomed to new trading platforms gets taken care of).

"Users with Aadhar card can open accounts at Prostocks within few hours using the eKYC feature."

However, clients open to learning new trading platforms or the clients trading for the first time can also use in-house trading platforms developed by Prostocks.

At the same time, there are few areas where this discount stock broker can work upon when it comes to bringing to maturing to the application, number of features, user experience etc.

Details of these platforms are listed below:

Prostocks Desktop

Prostocks Desktop is a terminal based trading platform that prostocks has developed with some unique features. Users need to download and install this trading platform before trading. Here are some of the features of Prostocks Desktop:

  • Users can customize the analysis screen for quicker technical analysis as per their preferences
  • Unlimited scrips allowed in the market watch feature where up to 4 market watches can be added
  • Real-time charting (using 6 types of charts) with updates at intraday, minute, hour, day, week, month, half yearly and yearly level
  • More than 150 technical analysis studies for users looking to perform intraday trading.
  • Customization in price and percentage alerts and notifications possible
  • You can transfer funds using the trading application itself.

This application is suitable for regular traders who prefer high performance, various investment segments and speedy order executions. 

Prostocks Web

Prostocks web is a secure web-based trading platform that clients can directly access through a browser from anywhere. The web application comes with the following features:

  • Multi-level security keeps all sorts of hacking or phishing away
  • Integration with leading payment gateways for fund transfer
  • Access to online reports and real-time market updates
  • Users can place orders directly from the charting feature


This browser-based trading application is lightweight in nature and requires minimal configuration of the device being used. Furthermore, the application moulds itself with the internet bandwidth so that traders get seamless and smooth user experience.

"The only concern with the web-based browser application of Prostocks is the limitation on the number of features, the application offers to its clients."

Prostocks Mobile App

Prostocks recently introduced a mobile app which is relatively much lighter as compared to other mobile trading apps. Although there is still a lot that can be added to this mobile app, however, there are some features added, such as:

  • Market Watch
  • Real-time market updates and movements
  • Watchlists
  • Orders report

The discount broker provides mobile app for both iOS and Android users.

Apart from the above mentioned in-house trading applications, users are provided with the following trading application:

Prostocks Customer Service

Prostocks avails the following communication channels for customer service and management:

  • Phone with IVR Support (rare feature)
  • Webform
  • Email Support

Prostocks does an average job when it comes to customer service. It provides decent resolutions with personalized communications to its clients keeping the overall quality intact. However, the number of communication channels, which as of now looks limited, can be increased.

At the same time, the skill-set of the executives can be improved through professional trainings and providing detailed understanding of the services offered.

Prostocks Pricing

In pricing, a client needs to pay the following charges during trading:

  • Account Opening Charges
  • Brokerage of the stockbroker
  • Transaction Charges of the exchange
  • Govt. taxes

For Prostocks, charges are explained below:

Prostocks Account Opening Charges 

Prostocks Brokerage

As mentioned above, the discount broker offers multiple brokerage plans to its clients. All these plans are fixed price in nature, irrespective of the trading segment.

Prostocks offers fixed brokerage plans at:

  • Trade level
  • Monthly level
  • Yearly level

The periodic brokerage plans are irrespective of the value of the trade or the number of trades. By subscribing to these plans, users can perform unlimited trading depending on the segment.

To know more details of Pricing and rest of the review, you can check this Prostocks Review.


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