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Learning from mistakes in the stock market

  • If you get half percent smarter each year you will be genius when you die
  • Before reading this blog ask yourself whats the single most important step you must take to become a successful trader.
  • Keeping a good record will enable you to learn from your experience
  • Keeping a good record will make you your own teacher and a better trader
  • We found that the percentage of successful traders is higher among women
  • Women tend to be more disciplined and less arrogant than men.

Life of success full trader

  • You can be free
  • You can live and work from anywhere in the world
  • A successful trader can be independent of routine and not answer to anybody.
  • This is the life of success full trader

The mistake in the stock market

  • If you made money in your first trade and then on the second trade
  • It will lead you to the delusion that making money in the stock market is easy
  • It will take you a couple of years to get out of this delusion
  • If your mind is not aligned with the market or if you ignore the changes in the mass psychology of crowds you have no chance of making money.
  • Focus on reality sees the market as it is.

Learning from the stock market

  • The most important pillars of the stock market are psychology - market analysis - risk management - good tracking record
  • Volume and open interest reflect the emotions of the crowd
  • The best predictor of your success is your quality of the record-keeping
  • The market is set up by the big players so that the small traders must lose money
  • The trading industry slowly kill traders by commission and leverage
  • Trading is not a zero-sum game it is a minus sum game
  • The winner in trade receive less than what loser loss in stock market
  • Use limit order to buy and sell
  • A good trader always tries to make the right trade. If he trade money will follow him
  • The stock market is always changing and defeating the trading strategies
  • Trading is not an emotional game, emotional trading always result in losses
  • Start recording your trading with the reason for entry and reason of exit from the trade

learning from mistakes in the stock market

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