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Investing is all about creating a discipline so Don't be Afraid of Investing into Equities

Engaging as a Financial Planner will not only help you in selecting investments but we will create a disciple in your mind to invest regularly.

Investing is all about keeping patience and maintaining discipline till your financial goals are achieved. But real fact is in reality it’s very difficult to do that because lot of things like market volatility, investor’s sentiments, and economies up and down all will be there to disturb your disciple and patience.

Well most of the people in India are but i can assure you that investing in equities are the most safest investment available for investors and has ability to beat inflation, provided you invest for long term

"But how could you believe the above statement "

  • BSE Sensex was started in 1979 with a value of 100 and value of BSE Sensex in 2015 around 27000
  • So in a span of 35 years how much rate of return you have earned it means you have invested Rs 100 then and its 27000 now.
  • "you will be surprised to know rate of return is 17% p.a": (this is 100% genuine stats everyone can google it )
  • so Rs 100000 invested then becomes 2.4 crores now

Now those who are worried about stock market fluctuations these days can easily understand that there is no concept of volatility in long term

Now it doesn't matter at which point you had invested in BSE sensex at 5000,10000 or 15000 you still see your money growing

But what you need to do is don’t stop till you are not done with your goal because Power of Compounding only comes into picture in the later years of your investment and to harness the power of compounding you need to have patience


“Rome was not build in one day”

Same applies with investments as well when you sow a seed of your investment and nourishing it with regular investments than only it can become into a big tree and you can enjoy it's shadow throughout your life

so moral of story is do invest in equities invest through sip plans of mutual funds never get worried about short term volatility. equity market are not for making quick money rather it's all about patience

"and if you are short term investor invest anywhere"

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