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Indian Trading League by A Digital Blogger

What is the Indian Trading League?

Indian Trading League or ITL is a social trading competition for individual participants who will showcase their trading and investing skills in order to get Absolute Return on Net Funds (ARONF). The idea is that an individual starts with an investment of as less as ₹25,000 and over a period of time gets the best percentage return on the total capital he/she put in. The league started in 2015 and currently, the competition is in its second season and will run until 31st March 2017. One can join in at any point in time but by the end of the competition must be at the highest percentage return level in order to win the competition.

Participants can trade across any of the segments including Equity, Derivatives, Currency or Commodities.For each executed order, ₹20 brokerage charges are levied.

What is at stake?

Within Indian Trading League, there are basically 6 kinds of leagues that one can participate in:

  • The Traders League

This is designed for individual traders for trading across Equity, debt, currency, derivatives segments along with IRFs listed across any of the Indian stock exchanges. The first three winners in this league get awarded ₹5 Lakh, ₹3 Lakh and ₹2 Lakh respectively.

  • The Commodities League

This league is designed to trade specifically in Commodities segment listed across commodity exchanges of India. Similar to the Traders' league, the top three winners get a prize money of ₹5 Lakh, ₹3 Lakh and ₹2 Lakh respectively.

  • The Investors League

For the participants who are investors by trading nature, can participate in the Investors league within ITL. The prize money remains the same.

  • Royale League

This is the biggest at the lot (for Cricket fans, this is something close to IPL in cricketing terms) in the Indian Trading League. This league is meant for big-ticket size investors and traders that put in a capital of at least ₹5 Lakh in the market. They are open to trade across all segments stocks, equity derivatives, currencies and IRF’s listed on Indian Stock Exchanges. Since the risk is high - the return is much higher too. The top spot winner gets ₹10 Lakh along with a contract of fund management worth ₹6.7 Crore. The second spot takes home ₹5 Lakh and the third one ₹2.5 lakh.

  • The Women's league

All female participants taking part in any of the rest 5 leagues get qualified for 'The Women's league' as well and the top 3 women trader bag some riches too. The first spot takes 100 gram of gold, the second 50 gram and finally, the third spot takes away with 25 grams worth of gold.

  • The Student's league

Individuals and students below the age of 27 get qualified for 'The Students' League' automatically. Within this particular segment, the first spot wins 1 Lakh, the second one takes away an LED TV and the third spot wins a laptop.

Along with all this mentioned above, there are prizes at Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly levels as well.

How can you participate?

In order to participate in the Indian Trading League, one needs to follow these three basic rules:

  1. You need to open an account with SAMCO Securities (this competition is in collaboration with Samco Securities)
  2. You need to deposit a capital of at least ₹25,000 per segment. For instance, if you are looking to participate in 'The Commodities League' along with 'The Trader's League', you will be required to chip in with at least ₹50,000 investment. However, if you want to taste the waters by participating in only one of the segments, then the capital expected is ₹25,000. One can withdraw the amount at any point in time.
  3. Once the account opening and fund transfer formalities are completed, you can start investing and/or trading as per your preferences.

The Indian Trading League website shows the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly winners on their website on a regular basis. For instance, here is one of the screenshots of current winners along with the percentage return on capital:

Some of the other relevant information about Indian Trading League:

  • Indian Trading League is associated with partners namely Samco Securities, CNBC Awaaz and Being Human brand.
  • Kapil Dev, a prominent yester year cricket player, has a stake in the league
  • First 20 call and trade executed orders are free

A Digital Blogger Review

Indian Trading League definitely looks something like a fantasy league where one puts in the money and competes with others in a run to get the best out of his or her investments. Thus, it is a test of one's trading and/or investing skills along with the business mindset that sets up a vision to grab the best returns.

So, if you are a newbie trader or are still learning the nuances of the stock market, this most probably is not your cup of tea and you might end up losing some money. However, if you have been juggling in stocks for a while now, have been doing your technical and/or fundamental analysis on your own, then maybe you can give it a shot.

Having said that, this also is a test of character and persistence where your skills will be tested continuously till the competition is over. So, it demands a good amount of discipline and regularity as well.

Thus, if you are thinking of giving it a shot or well, maybe just wondering to know more about it, enter your details and get a Free Call back right away.

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