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Improve your trading by changing your thinking

When you can make yourself cheer by listening to your favorite song and avoid the bad state of mind. You can also do that for trading.

Scientifically it is proven that if you keep thinking about the mistakes you will keep doing them again and again. While, if you realize that mistake and think that what could be done better next time and even what all good things you did, even in this bad trade, that’s when the change starts coming in.

Also, the name stop loss is a negative term in it self. When you are said not to think of a white elephant, what do you do? You first think of white elephant only. In the same manner when you told not worry about money you are actually starting to worry about money. The term “stop loss” is doing the same, you can start using the term just “stop” instead of stop loss. To read more posts like this log on to my website-

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