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How to Place a Sell Order?

Although this doesn’t involve any sort of rocket science, there are still a lot of people who find it difficult to understand how stock trading works and in spite of being all educated and stuff, they still fail to accomplish the basic tasks like placing a buy order and a sell order. You would easily find a lot of videos and tutorials that tell you how to buy shares in the share market but there aren’t many that would guide you through the process on how to sell shares. This article focuses on some basic points that won’t just help you place successful trade and sell orders but will also help you in making sure that the process is highly simplified for you. Let us take a look at what the basic process of placing a sell order is.

You need to do a basic level of preparation beforehand. Since you are reading about placing a sell order, you always know the obvious manner to place a buy order. You would have a trading account and you know how to do stock trading. When you place a buy order and it gets executed, certain number of shares purchased at a certain rate would get credited to your account. You can always sell everything that you hold or a part of it as it is completely your choice and you have all the freedom to decide when you want to sell shares and how many of them. 

An ideal way to sell the shares is when they yield you some profit or give you some returns better than the rates that you purchased them at. You have to constantly keep an eye on the price of the share as there are days when the rates of the shares would shoot up instantly and then it will be simply great to sell your holdings and earn some good profit. Also, if you see only a minor rise and want to keep the risk levels at minimum, you can sell a few shares and take out a sum of money that is equal to the amount of the investment that you made. 

Just like you selected an exchange while you bought shares, you’ll have to do the same when you plan on shares to sell. Choose an option from NSE or BSE. Ideally it is the exchange where you made a purchase as you have your holding there. The next step in the process would be decided on how many shares you want to sell. It is not mandatory to sell everything you own on one go.

You would be shown a list of your holdings from which you can choose what you want to sell. After this, enter the quantity and rate on which you want to place the sell order. You can either enter a price of your choice or leave it on the market price selling. Once you’ve entered these entire details click on place sell order and your order would be executed. 

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