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How to manage your money? 5 points you can’t afford to miss!

Money Management :-

Do you feel a surge of satisfaction when you read about money management? Before you praise yourself on the back, check to see if you’ve been lulled into a false sense of security. Examine your financial situation and make sure you don’t have any misgivings about it. Here are the five most important points to remember:-

Making an effective budget

You could have established a budget and are attempting to adhere to it. However, creating a budget does not ensure that you will be able to save enough money for future expenses. Do you frequently overspend and then wonder where the money went? This could be a sign that you’ve made a mistake with the budgeting process and aren’t saving nearly enough money. The most likely reason for your inability to stick to your budget is because you under- or overestimated your costs. Make a point of paying yourself first by setting aside a percentage of your earnings in a separate account. On the other side, indiscriminate investments are likely to fall short of your requirements. Check to see if you’ve forgotten about little bills or neglected to budget for unexpected costs.

Regularly investing

While watching your bank account grow each month as you save is satisfying, it may not be assisting you in meeting your goals. Money must be invested in order to generate income and work for you. You work every day, yet your money is sitting in a perfect climate-controlled bank – this makes no sense. You may believe that by saving, you have contributed. However, your ambitions will be harmed if the money you have disciplinedly saved is sitting in a low-interest savings account. This money, too, must be invested to contribute to your financial wellbeing. Investment items should be selected based on your life stage and may include a mix of equities, debt, gold, and real estate.

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Make investments based on your objectives

You’ve been zealous in your money management efforts and have begun investing. You ensure that your tax-saving investments are completed each year. You’ve committed to making regular investments in mutual funds and fixed-income securities. Additionally, you are open to receiving stock recommendations from friends and family. You’d be forgiven for believing that you’re doing everything possible to ensure your future security. Is this sufficient? Not unless the investments are made in accordance with an investing strategy. Failure to plan is intending to fail. Make a list of all your objectives and associate each investment with one of them. Aligning your investment with your objectives will assist you in remaining committed to and achieving your objective. Additionally, goals must be examined on a yearly basis because they are subject to change.

Protection Insurance

There are just two types of insurance available: term and health. Your term cover must be at least ten times your yearly income, while your health sum covered can range between 5% and 25% of your earnings, depending on your age and income level. While it is critical to have adequate insurance, avoid becoming over insured. Additionally, randomly enrolling in some traditional plans may cause financial disruptions.

On an annual basis, do a review of investments.

Listing your investments and their current value when completing your income tax returns, or checking stock prices on a regular basis, may appear to be a review of your investments and provide you with a sense of control. However, can this information assist you in determining whether you are on course to accomplish your life’s objectives?

Periodic reviews are used to evaluate investment performance, determine their fit for the stage of your goals, and make any adjustments. Annual evaluations of investments are recommended.

Disclaimer: The ideas stated are general in nature and should not be construed as investment, legal, or tax advice. Any action you take in reliance on the information given herein is entirely your responsibility, and Tata Asset Management will not be liable in any way for the results of such action.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.


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