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How stocks on radar works

For this First, we need to learn what is "stocks on the radar"?

“Stocks on the radar” is a proven price action technique which contains key levels creation based on stock’s price calculation. This trading system keeps you in profit in every condition of the market.

Let’s start to understand how it works:

1. Stock selection

For identifying potential or momentum stocks we use a very powerful method called “Directional Analysis”.

What is the Directional Analysis Method?

Directional Analysis is a powerful price action method for selecting the momentum stocks in a particular direction. We can select stock even 1 day before with specific direction


You can trade more confidently if you know the direction of stocks in advance.

2. Streamline the process for Accurate entry & perfect exit
Image entry & exit

Accurate entry and perfect exit are the backbones of your trading setup. Our trading setup Provides Pre Momentum Entry & Pre Reversal Exit. Anyone can boost their performance with this kind of proven trading setup.

You can kill your doubts about entry & exit. This setup clearly shows that when to enter when to exit & when to trade, when to sit.

Super beneficial features are below:

  • Multi confirmation trade
  • Entry & exit at predefined key levels
  • Adjusted candlestick pattern for catching entry & exit at the right time
  • >=1.2% rule for ultra-small stop loss
  • Mother candle concept for avoiding the trade
  • Inverse trade for higher accuracy
  • Early exit with time frame tweaking technique
  • Sharp reversals
  • Averaging as per risk capacity
  • Baseline confirmation
  • Range breakouts
  • Retracement & retest
3. Horizontal line mechanism

Advance way to use lines in the chart. In this setup; advance price action methods are involved for optimizing the line & its strength for higher accuracy.


With this advance line mechanism system, anyone can find out the entry & exit area in the chart.

Super beneficial features are below:

  • How to draw effective & powerful lines
  • Line authentication
  • Zone creation & authentication
  • The golden formula for accurate entry with lines
  • Immediate support & immediate resistance
  • Fake breakout vs. potential breakout
  • Money management with a breakout system
  • Synchronization with price length, price velocity & predefined lines.
  • Price rejection & wick tolerance.
4. Trend line

The trend line is the most important tool of the chart; this system contains proven principles of trend lines which generated consistent result.


With the trend line, anyone can identify the current trend & its strength, also useful for profit protection.

Super beneficial features are below:

  • Trade Setup; To Be Continue
  • Trend utilization with advance analysis
  • Quick exit for securing existing profit
  • Directional retracement & retesting
  • Patience management
  • Key level creations
  • 100x more powerful levels than traditional support & resistance
  • Baseline calculation
  • Number difference analysis
  • Multi confirmations with price behavior & different indicators
  • When to enter, when to exit & when to sit techniques.
5. Advance & flexible Risk management system

The advanced risk management system protects hard-earned investment amounts. It allows traders to stay in the market for a long time.


The advance risk management system restricts losses, it helps to create a low-risk high reward trading system.

Super beneficial features are below:

  • Capital protection
  • Profit maximization
  • Right to mistakes
  • Diversification
  • Risk milestone & alerts
  • Probability vs. certainty
  • Per trade risk management

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