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How meditation helps in stock market?

If you work in a financial market there is lot of stress and its obviously not goof for health. In this we will describe how meditation can help you to reduce stress and help you to achieve your best possible results.

If you are a trader or investor having a right mindset is critical because lot of your success is going to be riding on you being able to maintain neutrality and make the right decision in different situations. The one way to improve your mental and deal with stress is to use meditation.

  1. Increase in alphas brain waves : Meditation has also been shown to increase level of alpha brains waves. These waves helps to reduce negative feelings such as sadness, tension and anger.This is useful if we have a positions go badly in the market.If a trade don't go the way we thought it was or we are going thought a nail biting period of time with an investment that we'er in. These alpha brain waves are also thought to be linked to winning and having an increase in these alpha brains puts you in ideal mental state of winning.
  2. One study was performed on athletes and it was found that those who got that winning shots has higher frequency of these alpha wave whereas athletes who failed don't .
  3. Increase alpha waves can also be good for learning as studies has shown that those who are good at learning new skill or knowledge spend lot of time in an alpha state.and as if that wasn't good enough on its own it can boost your immune system.
  4. If you make your living by eating what you catch like a full time trader does then obviously being ill means loss of earning. So if your immune system is boosted by something as simple as meditation it is a must do practice.
  5. When your alpha waves are increased it reduce fatigue , tension and make you fell relaxed.Being in such a relaxed state can cause your immune system to works a shield and keep it strong.
  1. Default mode network: We all know how frustrating it is when you got those wondering thoughts.We start getting distracting when we focus on a task or we struggle to keep our cools and control our emotions.. The part of the brains responsible for these wondering thoughts is our default mode network or called as monkey brain.
  2. A study by Yale university found that meditation reduce the activity in our monkey brain make it easier to control our wondering thoughts and tune them out.The benefits of getting rid of these thoughts and being able to fully focus on the task at hand are endless.
  3. In addition to those performance related improvement there are other general benefits like improving your sleep, helping to fend off disease like alzheimer's and produce more antibodies battle sickness and increase in your pain tolerance, decreasing your blood pressure.
  4. This is a simple thing to add to your routine and it will going to have a big impact in your life

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How meditation helps in stock market?

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