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How good is the Motilal Oswal most focused 35 fund to invest by SIP

The Motilal Oswal most focused 35 fund is an investment product that allows investors to invest in a multi-cap fund. The fund will allow investors to invest in a maximum of 35 equity-related instruments across different sectors. The fund has more of a growth bias with more inclination towards the large-cap tilt. Because of their inclination towards large-cap stocks, the fund includes some of the market's biggest names. Hence, when the large-cap stocks included in the fund perform well in the stock market, the fund's performance also improves.

Investing in the fund can be quite beneficial for the investor, as they can expect market returns from the fund that beat the inflation rate and returns from fixed income options. However, it would be better the investor is prepared for the ups and downs in the investment value. The fund performed exceptionally well until 2018. In that year, the fund did face some issues, as it did not perform well compared to the other funds in the category. But to fully understand this fund's potential, you will need invest in it for a longer-term.

This fund is not an ideal option for investors who wish to earn short-term returns from the market. Hence, if an investor wishes to attain long-term capital growth from their mutual fund investments, then the Motilal Oswal Most Focused 35 Fund is an excellent pick. This fund has been in the market for a long time and has provided investors with reliable returns. However, once the investors are aware of the risks, they can plan their investments accordingly.

SIPs (systematic investment plans) are an excellent way of investing in mutual funds. SIP investments help investors learn about the importance of financial discipline, provide the compounding effect's benefits, and reduce risk because of rupee cost averaging. They are optimal investment methods for building wealth over the long-term.

Hence, this fund will provide investors with stable returns over the long-term. However, it is imperative that the investor research in-depth about the fund before beginning their investment. Investors must also check if the investment is in line with their risk profile and if it is beneficial for their investment objective.

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