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Goodwill Commodities Review by A Digital Blogger

Goodwill Commodities Introduction

Goodwill Commodities is a full-service stockbroker, known for expertise in commodities trading and investment. This Chennai based full-service stockbroker was established in the year 2008. As of now, it has a presence in around 27 locations through its sub-broker and franchise offices in India. Apart from that, the broker has an in-house research team that works with the clients on a regular basis.

Using the services of this full-service stockbroker, you can trade and invest in the following segments:



Goodwill Commodities Trading Platforms

The broker provides multiple trading platforms across devices, such as:


This is an outsourced 3rd party software provided to the clients of Goodwill. This is a pretty mature terminal based trading application with multiple features and reasonable performance. Here are some of the features of this application:

  • Allows users to develop and run multiple strategies for their technical and fundamental level trades.
  • This trading application is pretty exhaustive in terms of a number of features, especially for analysis.
  • Built-in features and intelligence that allows clients to look for market opportunities.




Nest is a terminal based trading platform developed by Omnesys technologies. Not only Goodwill commodities, a lot of stockbrokers completely rely on the solution for their clients and don't really focus on developing their own in-house trading application. They just subscribe its license and start availing this application to their clients. As far as Nest Trader is concerned, the following features are provided to the users:

  • Provision to add multiple Market watch lists.
  • Users can add different market watchlists to groups to keep whole monitoring process segregated.
  • With Snap Quote feature, the user can check out the current situation of a particular scrip.



Another outsourced trading platform, iWin is a mobile app for trading provided by Goodwill to its clients. This application is designed, developed and maintained by the house of FinTech or Financial Technologies. It is an "okayish" mobile app with some decent features for trading. The app, however, has a lot to improve as far as user experience is concerned. Some of the features of the mobile app are:

  • Unlimited Market Watch Option
  • Charting for technical analysis


Goodwill Web Trading App

The web-based trading application provided by Goodwill commodities is a lightweight trading application and does not require any download or install. To access this, you can go to the website of this full-service stockbroker, click on 'Login to Trade', put in your credentials and start trading.




Customer Service

The broker provides the following channels of communications to its clients:

  • Phone support
  • Chat
  • Email support
  • Webform

The number of communication channels are limited to the broker but the quality of service is reasonable. Be it knowledge of the executive support or resolution quality, the broker does a decent job. However, you might face issues in a couple of ways. Firstly, there might be language-level issues and if you conversing in a regional language (or even in Hindi at times), the communication might not be clear.



Goodwill Commodities Research

When it comes to research, Goodwill commodities, as the name suggests is one of the experts as fat as commodity segment is concerned. When it comes to other trading products, the full-service broker provides just average quality of accuracy in its tips and recommendations.

Goodwill commodities provides research in the following trading and investment products to its clients:

  • Daily Report
    • Equity daily
    • Commodity daily
    • Currency daily



Compared to other full-service stockbrokers, the research products and reports provided by Goodwill commodities are pretty limited in nature. Thus, if you are looking for research at an exhaustive level with much finer details and attention, it's better to check out other full-service stock brokers. You can also refer this detailed article on Top Research Stock Broking Houses in India.

Goodwill Commodities Pricing

Although Goodwill is a full-service stockbroker, it charges pretty reasonable costs across different facets. Here are the details:

Goodwill Commodities Account Opening Charges


Goodwill Commodities Brokerage



Use this Goodwill Commodities Brokerage Calculator for complete charges and your profit.

Goodwill Commodities Transaction Charges

At transaction charges level though, you are required to be circumspect of the fact that the broker charges relatively higher charges. Thus, as a user, you should negotiate with the broker on these payments too. Once finalized, make sure to get all values documented and emailed from an official account to avoid any future altercations.


Goodwill Commodities Exposure or Leverage


You can check the rest of the information in this review of Goodwill Commodities


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