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Five Driving Hazards this Winter and Your Car Insurance

Winter is here! And while the cold and foggy days can be comforting to a lot of people, the season brings about its own share of dangers. Driving hazards surely increase in winter. There are many challenges you have to deal while sitting at the wheels, especially at this time of the year. You may be cautious, but misfortune may still strike and you may end up in an accident. To ensure your vehicle is protected against the winter hazards, get a good and very extensive car insurance plan this winter. Read on to know why exactly this is important.

Car insurance protection against the common winter hazards

Let us take a look at the common winter hazards and how a good insurance plan can protect you:

  • Fog: Anyone who has lived in India needs no introduction to the hassles that fog creates each winter. The northern part of the country is especially affected, though the towns and cities in the south suffer too. Fog poses as a serious winter hazard for drivers. The visibility is low. As a result, you find it difficult to see the vehicles and objects ahead of you. This leads to frequent accidents, vehicle pile-ups and in unfortunate events, even death. You may opt for a comprehensive car insurance cover. If your vehicle is damaged due to a fog-related road accident, you can make a claim. If there is any bodily injury or loss of life, the plan will make the adequate disbursements as well.


  • Winter blizzards: Winter blizzards are often seen in India. Strong winds are common and at times the winds are so severe, that trees are uprooted. Have you imagined what can happen if a tree suddenly falls on your parked car? It is a hazard and you can't prevent it, but you can cover it under a comprehensive car insurance cover. So buy a good motor insurance plan beforehand and stay protected.


  • Theft: Many of us leave the car engine on for a few moments to warm the vehicle up, especially in the mornings. This at time becomes an unlikely hazard. Someone may be observing you daily, and one day when you leave your vehicle to grab something from your house, he may simply get in and drive away. Cases like these are commonly reported and to prevent being in the same situation, you must buy a good car insurance plan that offers a theft cover.


  • Ceased engine due to snowfall: Just like rain can cause your engine to seize during the monsoons, snow can do so in winter. So if you live in a hilly area where snowfall in winter is common, buy a car insurance plan with an engine cover rider. It will help you deal with the engine damages and also take care of the towing and repair costs, if there is any snow-related damage to the engine of your car in the harsh winters.


  • Cracked windshield and windows: At times, when the weather is severely bad and the temperature drops drastically, we find the windows and windshields of some cars cracking. This happens mainly to the vehicles that are parked out in the open. A comprehensive car insurance plan will help you replace any broken glass in the car. And since windshields are expensive to repair, you need to have a good plan in place.

In a nutshell

The winter road hazards are real and unfortunately you can do very little to stop them. You can however cover the dangers and secure your finances by buying a good car insurance plan. The plan will offer the required financial assistance and ensure your vehicle remains in a good condition throughout the harsh winter. A car is essential and you cannot afford to keep it locked up in your garage throughout the winters! You need not do so either. Just buy a good car insurance plan and drive your favourite vehicle without a worry in the world.

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