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What is Options Trading and Their Advantages?

Options trading are the buying of options contracts. Options are contracts under which buyers get the benefit but not the commitment to purchase or sell an asset for a particular rate before a particu...
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Different Trading Method on Intraday Trading

When traders purchase and sell shares in a day and close all the trade by the end of the same trading day, it is known as intraday trading. intraday traders want to make a profit from small price fluc...
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8 Things you should know about Car Insurance

According to a mandate passed by the Government of India, under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 if you own a vehicle and wish to drive it on the roads of India, then it is important that you have a valid...
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“My 25 years of investing” - An anonymous investor

  I am writing this, as I have made several mistakes over all these years as an investor. If not for some of these mistakes, I would be far better off today and much wealthier.   Many are minor mistak...
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6 Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid While Planning Your Retirement Fund

Planning your retirement fund is one of the crucial decisions that you may have to make during your productive years. Most people who do not realize the importance of retirement planning run the risk ...
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What are the top 5 websites related to Stock market ?

Here is a list of some websites which must be preferred in order to get knowledge and information about the stock market- Investopedia - Investopedia is a very good choice for new investors or people ...
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How to use Zerodha Brokerage Calculator

What is Zerodha Brokerage Calculator? It’s a calculator taking hardly a minute to let you know how much profit you will earn from your trades after deducting all charges. This calculator takes care of...
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How Can You Prepare your Finances for Critical Illnesses?

People in India are becoming more susceptible to be diagnosed with serious medical conditions like cancer, heart-related problems, etc. The cost of treatment of these types of conditions is also expen...
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Things to Keep in Mind When Using a 2Wheeler Insurance Premium Calculator

If you are looking to purchase a two wheeler insurance policy, you should first research the different types of bike insurance policies available in the market and then compare the premium quotes offe...
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Health Insurance Plans for Women in India

As days have progressed, women have entered in all walks of life; be it as a homemaker or as a responsible employee, their contribution to the nation’s progress has increased drastically. A heavy toll...
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What is the Best Age to Buy Term Insurance

Term insurance is the most basic form of life insurance that provides financial protection for your family. While everyone agrees that term insurance is a must for all, there are some popular misconce...
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Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Life Insurance Policy

The importance of a life insurance policy cannot be overstated. If the life assured passes away during the policy term, the insurance company will offer a payout to the nominee. This payout can help t...
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