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Stock Market Basic Concept and Advantage

Online stock market investing is one of the best ways to make a lot of money easily. But you have to know the basics of the trade before you jump into the business. This is why it is best to get train...
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Market Capitalization In India

Market Capitalization is the aggregate value of the company on the basis of its current share price and the total number of outstanding shares.

Market capitalization is a critical characteristic that facilitates investors to determine the returns and the risk behind investing in the company’s shares. It helps investors in choosing that stock which meets their risk and diversification criteria.

Market Capitalization Formula

It is the product of current market price of the company's share and the total outstanding shares of the company.

Market Capitalization = market price of shares * number of outstanding shares

For instance, Company ABC has 2 Crore outstanding shares and the current market price of company’s share is Rs 100, then the Market capitalization of the company ABC is 2,00,00,000 * 100 = Rs 200 Crores.

Market Capitalization is the actual market value of the company. Market Capitalization is used by the investors to rank companies. It is also used in ranking the relative size of stock exchanges like NSE and BSE.

Indian Market Capitalization

In India, the companies are classified into three categories on the basis of their market capitalization.

Small Cap: Companies with Market Capitalization up to Rs 500 crores are classified as small cap.

Mid Cap: Companies with Market Capitalization between Rs 500 – 7,000 crores are classified as mid cap.

Large Cap: Companies with Market Capitalization between Rs 7,000 – 20,000 crores are classified as large cap.

Mega Cap: Companies with their Market Capitalization above Rs 20,000 crores fall under mega cap.


To know more click here: Indian Market Capitalization




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What Are Equity Shares?

Equity Shares are one of the main sources of funds for Companies. An individual can buy equity shares of any company listed on the stock exchange like NSE and BSE. All equity shareholders are part-own...
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Should You Use Stock Market App for Investing?

In today’s cut-throat competition, an individual investing or trading in the stock market hardly gets a time to keep a tab on the stock prices. Furthermore, it is also a very challenging task to take ...
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How Buying Selling of Shares is Possible with Stock Market Apps?

It cannot be denied that the stock market is very dynamic and investing in it means you have to be smart and think logically. The share prices keep on changing quickly and that is why it becomes extre...
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Parameters to focus in the best discount broker in India

If you are planning to invest or trade in stocks and shares, you need a trading account. And, if you want to utilize the trading services at the lowest brokerage rate, get the best discount broker in ...
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What Mistakes to Avoid While Investing in SIPs

Thanks to flourishing stock markets, systematic investment plans or SIPs have emerged as an effective investment avenue. By investing a certain amount each month, SIPs offer you the golden chance to e...
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Why Time Decay in Options isn’t your Foe?

One of the best things about options trading is one can utilize the large number of strategies to earn consistent profits with minimum risk, if one manages the trade well. But, what most Options buyer...
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Reasons for Falling Share Prices in Stock Market

If an answer to the above question was simple, then every individual would have timed the market really well and earn good returns. However, the reality is that the stock market is very risky and unpr...
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Top 5 investments you need to make before 2018 ends

With our ever-increasing wants and demands and a continuous effort to improve the quality of our life, investment has become one of the most important parts of our lives. In order to fulfill our basic...
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Terms You Need to Know if You Have an Online Demat Account

Opening a demat account has become a very simple process. Once you submit the relevant documents, you can open a demat account online instantly. Having a demat account is mandatory if you want to begi...
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How Stock Market Apps Keep You One Step Ahead

Today, a lot of people in India are going mobile at a rapid pace. The demand for the smartphones are skyrocketing every day and also impacting daily lives of the people. The situation is such that tha...
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