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Can I put 3% of my assets in Bitcoin?What about the alternative IXX trading platform for novices?

Can I put 3% of my assets in Bitcoin?What about the alternative IXX trading platform for novices?

Mike Belshe, CEO of crypto-asset manager BitGo, believes investors should put 3 percent of their assets in Bitcoin in response to the covid-19 crisis. He made his point Wednesday in a series of tweets.

He believes the resurgence of coVID-19 around the world has led some jurisdictions to return to lockdown, and that the US government will do the same out of political correctness."The government will print money faster," he stressed.Institutional investors have questioned the government's move and have realised that the depreciation of fiat currencies would make it impossible to hold cash."

"If you haven't invested in Bitcoin yet, you should put at least 3 percent of your net worth in Bitcoin," he urged in a tweet."It's the lowest risk, highest return investment you'll ever have in your life, and you'll keep buying bitcoin even after the lockdown is lifted."

With the coVID-19 outbreak in 2020, many analysts have joined the bitcoin team. How can we operate if we want to hold bitcoin?There are two ways we want to increase our bitcoin holdings right now: mining and buying through the exchange.However, after three times of halving the mining cost, the mining cost has far exceeded the personal affordability, so choosing a safe and reliable trading platform to buy Bitcoin has become a more appropriate choice.For those new to the currency circle, it is very important to find a reliable, safe and easy to operate exchange to start your first trade.

IXX Exchange is a well-established virtual currency trading platform with a large number of major users. Its business covers transactions in hundreds of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Cardano, OMG, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance Coin and so on.Choosing such a platform with high popularity, good credit endorsement and brand influence to conduct transactions is the first condition to prevent the risk of running away from the platform and ensure the security of capital.Usually, after the seller receives the payment, he will release the COINS quickly. The whole process will be carried out by IXX platform as a guarantee. So there is no need to worry about security.

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