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Can I invest in NASDAQ from India

Yes, you can invest in the NASDAQ and trade on the U.S.A. stock market as both countries' regulations allow it. You will have to transfer the funds from India to the U.S.A., and this will happen through RBI's (Reserve Bank of India) liberalized remittance scheme which allows you to transfer $250,000 in a year.

But, the funds transferred here cannot be utilized for the purposes that are mentioned below:

1. No leverage or margin trading.
2. Trading forex or foreign currencies.
3. Trading in products like Options and Futures.

The NASDAQ is among the most significant stock exchanges in the U.S.A. among other stock exchanges like the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and investing in these exchanges can be quite profitable for you if done correctly. While the pandemic caused a massive blow to the stock market, the tech companies saw a rise. So, if you're planning on investing in the NASDAQ, you will have the chances of investing in excellent tech companies like Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, Google, etc.

To invest in the international stock market, you must reach out to India's different brokers that offer this service. A lot of Indian brokers have tie-ups with the stockbrokers in the U.S.A. These brokers will act as mediators for your trades. You can open an overseas trading account with these brokers. However, it would help if you read about the broker you have chosen as they may have certain restrictions. These restrictions can be on the number of trades you can make, investment vehicles, etc.

Apart from this, you can also open a trading account with a foreign broker with a presence in India. Different brokers like Charles Schwab, Ameritrade, etc. can help you open an account in India for trading overseas. You can easily place your investment orders through these brokers. However, you must ensure that you fully understand the different charges associated with opening the online trading account.
However, you must consider the risk factor of investing in international stock markets. This is because:

1. It may be a bit tough to keep a track of the market.
2. Lower liquidity
3. Losses faced will be in USD, which can be quite hefty.

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