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Turk from MMB

Dear Followers,

This is Turk from MMB. I moved out from MMB because of several untoward incidents in the past 2-3 years from various boarders as well as from the new breed of MMB admin. The structure of MMB is perhaps the seed issue there, although not visible. There were a lot of discussion and calls, but with no real track record check. Any one with a call posts it on a day and it cannot be seen if he lived up to that.

I had been a member there since 2006 and a Platinum member perhaps since 2012. In the past 3-4 years there were a flurry of newly created IDs with tens of thousands of followers. How come? Their posts also did not really convey any real knowledge and research. Initially it appeared just as a phenomenon, which soon turned quite questionable. MMB was also seen to promoting boarders who pays/advertises. All in all, it went past my personal values, standards and requirements. 

So here, I am.

Now let's understand about how do I intend to manage this forum. It is necessary to delineate it at the outset. 

(1) If someone takes pains to do a good research on a sector/trend and makes a write up, it will be responded to. 
(2) Just because I am accepting a friends' request. does not mean I will respond to inquiries and pleasantries. 
(3) Just too busy, and just too many messages from all kinds of sources and platforms. 
(4) Expect barely any message. Start with none, as expectation.

(1) That's essentially almost all, so far as messaging is concerned.
(2) See if a call is open. You buy/hold/do nothing. Do your own research. 
(3) See if a call is closed. You sell/hold/do nothing. Your money, your profit/loss.
(4) Check what had happened to previous calls. 
(5) This is going to be a boring, testing-patience kind of a place. Expect calls very rarely. 

It must be recalled that I am NOT a SEBI registered professional. Just a Senior Business Executive, who ran multiple public/private businesses for several years, and then moved into Stock Investments full time for the past 12 years. It should be obvious that when a call is opened, I have bought it and when a call is closed I have sold it. All based on my understanding and expectations. In between I may be adding/ reducing/ or, mostly, just holding. What one does on the calls, is his decision. 

Any major communication that's required and that I intend to do, will be done via such blogs. 

Namaste!!! Happy Investing!!! May we prosper together. 

13th September 2018
The day of Ganesha Chaturthi

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