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What are the top 5 websites related to Stock market ?

Here is a list of some websites which must be preferred in order to get knowledge and information about the stock market- Investopedia - Investopedia is a very good choice for new investors or people ...
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Risk Management in Stock market

Risk management in share market means finding the potential risk and developing strategies to minimize the risk and earn maximum returns. It is said to be a major part of stock market investing becaus...
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Crude oil trading

Crude oil is unrefined petroleum which occurs naturally and contains hydrocarbon deposits this oil is valuable because gasoline or petrol diesel and other petrochemical products are made by refining i...
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How to Invest in Stock Market carefully ?

To Invest in stock market is not an easy task because you are investing your capital in order to gain some returns from it and a slight mistake can cause big losses in order to avoid these losses ther...
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Commodity Market

Commodity Market is that part of the market in which investors or individuals trade and take part in the primary economic sector rather than manufactured items. There are two types of commodities Hard...
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Derivative Market

Derivative Market is that market where financial instruments such as future and options are derived from other forms of assets. This market can be divided into two types first one is Exchange-traded d...
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What is Nifty 50 and bank nifty ?

Before knowing about bank nifty first we will learn about what is nifty? Nifty or Nifty 50 is an index of National stock exchange or NSE this index is a broad-based stock market index for the Indian e...
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An overview of Currency market

Currency market or foreign exchange market or forex market is an over the counter market where trading of currencies is done the rate determined here is foreign exchange rate which includes buying, se...
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Option trading

The option  derivative is a financial derivative which is sold by an option writer to an option buyer, they are typically purchased through online brokers and retail brokers this option contract gives...
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What is Equity ?

Equity Investment refers to purchasing and holding the shares in the stock market by individual persons and firms in anticipation of generating income from dividends and capital gains equity sharehold...
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What are stockholders and stocktraders ?

Shareholder or stockholder is a person who has holding of stock of any public or private corporation these shareholders can be referred as members of corporation a stockholder is regarded as beneficia...
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