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Article on Nifty 50 and Investment

Nifty 50 is the list of Fifty stocks or shares acquired from 21 different sectors of economy The purpose or advantage of this Index is to select 50 stock from 2 different sectors according to their sp...
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What is Intraday trading ?

How to start Intraday trading?  before talking about how to start Intraday trading we’re gonna talk about what is Intraday trading. First of all Intraday trading means buying the stock on the same day...
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Bombay Stock Exchange

Bombay stock exchange was founded by Premchand roychand who was one of the most influential businessmen in 19th-century Bombay. A man who made a fortune in the stockbroking business and came to be kno...
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Top Blue Chip Stocks for 2019

The market looks good in 2019 as the lower crude price value goes lower with low inflation regime and the relatively stable currency INR Here are some of the top stocks of 2019:- 1 ICICI bank ltd is t...
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What is Long -Term Invest in Stock Market ?

Long-Term Investment means an investment made with a probability of maximizing your returns in next 5 to 10 years some of the best known long-term investment options are Equity Funds, Public Provident...
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The importance of Commodity Market in India

Commodity Markets have existed from over 100 years in India while the official commodity Exchange-traded mechanism opened in India in late 2003 some of the important aspects of commodity market in our...
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The reason for crude oil prices to rise up

There are four factors which contribute to the high rise in crude oil prices first of these factors is the higher demand and lower supply the basic factor is that demand for oil and gas has a seasonal...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Commodity Investing

Advantages of Investing in Commodity market- Diversification is the first advantage that is considered for commodity investing because commodity stocks tend to provide returns that are different from ...
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How to invest when Market is Down ?

Investment in stock market is a risky business at some point when anyone decides to invest his or her capital in stock they are aware that this market is volatile prices of shares will go up and down ...
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Derivative Market

Derivative Market is that market where financial instruments such as future and options are derived from other forms of assets. This market can be divided into two types first one is Exchange-traded d...
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What is Bank Nifty

Bank Nifty represents the the twelve large most liquid capitalised stocks from the banking sector which are trading in the national stock exchange this index provides traders and market intermediaries...
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How Returns are Generated in Stock market

Earning is the main aim of every investor there are many investment options that are available and the share market is one of them. The stock market is risky but if invested correctly, one can acquire...
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