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Beginner’s Guide to Equity Investment

Investing in the equity market is a very challenging job for investors especially those who are new to this field. But the functioning of the stock market is not that complicated as it made to sound l...
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Is it Essential to Have a Demat Account When You Trade?

India has moved from paper trading to electronic trading in the equity markets. If you want to trade in shares, you will require a trading account. This account allows you to buy and sell shares that ...
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Health Insurance Plans for Women in India

As days have progressed, women have entered in all walks of life; be it as a homemaker or as a responsible employee, their contribution to the nation’s progress has increased drastically. A heavy toll...
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Beginner's Guide to Mutual Fund Investment

For new investors, mutual funds surely work as the best way to build an investment portfolio and earn. The Mutual Fund Investments are diversified into stocks, bonds, and other securities by a fund ma...
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What Does Your Car Insurance Cover?

When you have bought a car, purchased the interiors, and the add-ons in the car have been tested okay, you must be all set to hit the road and drive away, right? Well…hold on to your horses! There is ...
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What Mistakes to Avoid While Investing in SIPs

Thanks to flourishing stock markets, systematic investment plans or SIPs have emerged as an effective investment avenue. By investing a certain amount each month, SIPs offer you the golden chance to e...
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Terms You Need to Know if You Have an Online Demat Account

Opening a demat account has become a very simple process. Once you submit the relevant documents, you can open a demat account online instantly. Having a demat account is mandatory if you want to begi...
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Demat Account v/s Trading Account

Both Demat Account , as well as trading account, have their own benefits in the stock market. This 2-min quick read extrapolates the impact and advantages of each type. Understand the Basics Depositor...
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SIP and the Magic of Compounding

The first rule of investing is to start now irrespective of your age. A disciplined investor is able to earn higher returns and build more wealth through the power of compounding. About compounding Co...
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Does "Following a Herd" Mentality Help While Buying New Stocks?

One of the most recent financial events would be the dot com bust. However, this was not the first time that such events have occurred and neither would it be the last. You must wonder how such catast...
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