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BREXIT and its effect on Indian Markets - A Laymans explanation

Everyone in the Equity & Currency markets is worried about BREXIT, so lets understand this and its effect on Indian Markets. Britain which is currently a part of European Union (EU) is going to ho...
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Google searches can predict stock market crashes

Google searches for various business and politics topics can predict future stock market crashes, according to a new study.  Researchers at the Warwick Business School analyzed search terms between 2004 and 2012, finding an increase in internet searches preceded market falls.  The group used a complex computer program to mine through a va...
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Participatory Notes (P-Notes) - A Layman's explanation

Markets are abuzz with various rumours on P Notes. Lets try understand what are these Participatory notes (P-Notes), how they work and how do they impact Indian stock markets. Assume Mr. James who is ...
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Chinese Stock market Crash - A Layman's explanation

In Continuation of my Series "Layman's Explanation", in this blog I'll try to explain the Current Chinese stock market meltdown. Chinese markets are the second biggest markets after US, but are yet no...
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Greek Crisis a Laymans Explanation

Everyone of us now are hyper aware of "Greek Crisis", almost every one of the expert is dropping "Greek crisis" word at a drop of a hat, as if Alexander is defeated by Porus in 21st century and the me...
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The Amazing Power of Compounding - A Layman's explanation

There's one good reason why you should take advantage of having time on your side - the power of compound interest. Simply defined, compound interest helps your savings grow even faster. That's becaus...
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Budget 2014 : Key Points

Following are the highlights of the Union Budget 2014-15 presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Parliament Thursday: Income tax exemption limit raised by Rs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh and for senior...
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Investing v/s Savings - A Layman's explanation

Most of the investors think of stock investments as savings, but is stock investments savings? According to me NO, investment is different from savings. And any confusion can greatly impact one’s fina...
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Understanding P/E - A Layman's explanation

On the channels you must have heard of many jargons, and the most heard of them is P/E Ratio (Low PE, High PE etc..), what is it and how its important? After reading this article you may also start lo...
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STP a healthy alternate to SIP

Since last couple of months, markets have witnessed a steep climb on account of variety of reasons such as stunning victory of BJP in recently concluded election, and heightened expectations with Budg...
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Investing in Stocks the Right Way

I’m listing hereby a few suggestions which everyone having exposure to stockmarkets or planning to enter the world of stock trading should keep in mind. These are gems which will ensure that your loss...
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