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Bramesh Bhandari is a proficient stock trader at Indian stock market. He shares his insight in Forex,Commodity and World Indices through his site
He also provides online tutoring on technical analysis to traders.

How Professional Traders Learn From Their Trading Mistakes

Most of us want to be as perfect as we can. We do not want to experience failure or setbacks or roadblocks. In fact, most of us have been raised that failure, in any case and at any time, is ‘bad’ and...
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New Year Resolutions for Trading Success

Everyone makes some sort of New Year’s resolution. And,  90% of them fails at following them for very long. The problem with such resolutions is, they are made because you already have trouble st...
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Trading with MACD

Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD) was originally constructed by Gerald Appel an analyst in New York. Originally designed for analysis of stock trends, it is now widely used in many markets....
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9 Great Management Lessons from Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirubhai Ambani, founder of the Reliance Industries, was no ordinary leader. He was a man who gave management a whole new “ism”. There is a new “ism” that I’ve been meaning to add to the vast world o...
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How to recover from BIG trading loss

Just about every new trader who launches into trading before doing the proper homework ends up ‘blowing up their account’ which is generally considered suffering a 50% or greater draw down from their ...
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Steps to create a Trading Journal

How you prepared for the day/week:  What was your market preparation?  What research did you conduct or consume?  What did you read?  What conversations did you have, and with whom...
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