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Axis Direct Review - 2019

As it is said, “Money isn’t everything but happiness alone can’t keep out the rain.” So, whatever may be your financial goals, making the right investment, plays a very crucial role in achieving whatever you dream of.

You really work hard to earn money, but you also need to make your money work hard for the fulfillment of your future requirements.

And there are many options available in India where you can invest your hard earned money, so that, it can grow, for instance, FD, RD, Pension Schemes, Insurance, Stock market, Mutual funds. This availability of multiple options to invest the money is in a way good for the investors, however, it can be quite overwhelming for the ones that don’t have enough knowledge to make the right investments.

So here today we are giving you a detailed review of Axis Securities Ltd, a subsidiary of Axis Bank, which is the third largest private sector bank in India, which provides services for making an investment under the brand name Axis Direct.


Axis Securities Ltd. is the stockbroking subsidiary of Axis bank. Axis security offers stock broking services and other financial products to its customers through its brand, Axis Direct.

It was established in the year 2005 and ever since has emerged as India’s 4th largest providers of Demat accounts in India, with almost 75 branches spread across the country.

It has the highest active clients in India. Full-service broker has a membership with NSE, BSE, MCX-SX, MSEI, which makes it possible for its clients to trade across many financial segments as

  • Derivative Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Equity
  • NCD
  • IPO
  • Mutual Funds & bonds
  • ETF
  • Commodity trading

Axis Direct Segments

Thus, Axis Direct brings all the investment options under one roof, so that customers can diversify their portfolio.


Here are some reasons why you should invest with Axis Direct

  • Provides 3 in 1 demat account facility to its customers
  • Hassle free fund transfer
  • Multiple options for trading and investments
  • Flat rate brokerage charges
  • Good quality recommendations are given to customers
  • Gives free learning opportunity to its customers through webinars, seminars, and tutorials, etc.


Few of the awards and accolades achieved by Axis Direct are listed below:

  • MCX Award in the year 2019 for “First foot forward on evolving regulatory development.”
  • DMA Asia ECHO Silver Award, in the year 2018 for “Enabling better online trading”.
  • BSE Commodity Equity Outlook Award in the year 2018 for “Top equity Broker Of The Year.“
  • 7th ACEF Global customer Engagement Award, in the year 2018, for ”Best marketing innovation.”
  • DIGIIXX Award in the year 2018 for “ Best Email Marketing Campaign”.


This full-time broker offers many trading platforms to its customers. The customer can choose any platform for trading depending on their own preference and trading style.

Enlisted below are Axis Direct’s trading platforms and some of its features:


This is a web-based portal of Axis direct, which makes making investments quite easy. There is no need for downloading any software, you just need to clickon the link, login and start trading.


  • Works on all devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.
  • Customized filters and search bars help to find exactly what is needed.
  • Keeping a tab on the live markets is made easy.
  • Card view highlights the crucial information.
  • Built-in smart INVEST and TRADE buttons allow quick trading.
  • Webinars, videos, and quizzes help customers to gain knowledge about investments.


This is a web-based trading platform provided by Axis direct. The customer does not have to download or install any software. The customer is provided a certain link, with access to which the customer can start trading. This platform is automatically refreshed and also provides live streaming of the quotes.


  • Personalization of screen and the dashboard.
  • Ease of placing orders with the help of keyboard shortcuts
  • Investing tips and research ideas are provided
  • No need to refresh, as the live streaming of the quotes is given automatically.
  • Creating multiple market watch allows tracking the stocks and the contracts that the customer wish to follow.


This is a terminal based trading portal, which should be downloaded and installed on your computer or laptop.

This desktop-based application allows customers to trade from anywhere; all because of the flexibility and portability that is provided by this platform.


  • Customers can quickly search for whatever they want through the Search bar
  • The user-friendly and clutter-free interface allows easy navigation.
  • Instant availability of updates on the important information regarding, Order status, order positions, and MTM.
  • Customers can easily learn to trade through videos and tutorials.
  • Includes shortcut keys that enable placing orders and accessing the reports very quickly.
  • Notification and alerts can be set according to the preference of the customers


The Axis Direct mobile app is one of the leading mobile trading application in India. This application can be easily downloaded, and there is only two-step registration that is required.


  • Provides intraday charts with every detail of movement
  • Placing of market orders can be done even during non-market hours
  • Can be customized to create multiple watch list
  • Real-time streaming of the quotes
  • Ease of tracking of portfolio
  • Listing your favorite stocks to your watch list

To learn more about Axis Direct click here

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